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Eubios is a Social Cooperative type B, which pursues educational, cultural and social objectives with the support of 30% of disadvantaged workers within it. The Cooperative is a non-profit and operates for the achievement of its social goals mainly in the territory of the province of Treviso and surrounding areas, qualifying it as a community enterprise.

The main purpose that the Cooperative intends to pursue is that of the interest of the community, of the human promotion and of the social integration of the citizens, through working actions aimed at favoring the social reintegration of disadvantaged subjects, according to letter B of art.

1 of the law n.

381/1991. The Cooperative is inspired by the principles that are at the base of the worldwide cooperative movement and acts in relation to them.

These principles are: mutuality, solidarity, democracy, commitment, the balance of responsibilities with respect to roles, the community spirit, the link with the territory, a balanced relationship with the State and public institutions. The Cooperative, in order to take care of the interests of its members and of the community in the best possible way, must actively cooperate, in all possible ways, with other cooperative bodies, social enterprises and Third Sector organizations, on a local, national and international scale. The Cooperative intends to achieve its social aims through the involvement of the resources of the community, of the volunteers, of the users of the services and of Bodies with solidarity aims, thus implementing - also thanks to the contribution of the worker members - the responsible self-management of the enterprise.