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Clothing, Textiles, Leather and Shoes


Gvintage is research and selection among the folds of the past to be revisited and brought to a new life, a new emotion. We like to think that everything has a history and that if we are part of it, clothes can also become part of it in their own way, and not only in the sense of customs and traditions, telling the story of an era, but also the story of people who used them and then, who knows why, let them go, and through us they come back to life.

It is nice to imagine the story of the person who owned those clothes, to try and imagine what kind of person they might have been, what they did, what dreams they had...

these are also stories, small ones perhaps, but they are, and they are the ones we like best. We like to think that by wearing a garment we bring back to life the person who wore it before us, and to know that their story is added to ours.

To let a garment locked in a trunk breathe and come back to life has something romantic and mysterious that I cannot resist.

I love looking for pieces around people's wardrobes and hearing their stories when they take them out, because this too is history, hearing them say it was the good garment, it reminds you that once upon a time there was not the throwaway that is typical of our times, but that objects were chosen, cared for and loved with an attention that we no longer have, and that gives them a uniqueness that is such because behind them lies a care that we cannot even imagine. This is where my passion for vintage comes from, as a desire to appreciate what came before us, to try to understand what we have been, a reflection and a continuation of what came before, we realise that we fall in love with certain pieces that when they go away we are a little sorry because we lose the fantasy we had about them, But we are just as happy because they are used again, because those who will wear them will be lucky and will add another story to the one that is already there.

Gvintage is born from all this, from an initial passion for the 'old' that then turns into research, selection and finally sale of everything that can tell us something of what it was.