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Furniture and Wood


From our experience of many years in the field, we created New Door, which specialise in the production of panels to build front doors.

Our company distinguishes itself in the market because of the quality of the components utilized, their versatility, the safety of the final product and for the choice in designs that follow the latest trends, both in the modern and in the classic line.

Our meticulous selection of the raw materials and of most suitable technology for the outdoor use guarantees a long life of the final product.

Our preferences have permitted us to comply with the latest quality and test regulation RAL – GZ 716, which requires to proceed with the Peeling Test after exposing the product in a climate-controlled chamber at 70 degrees Celsius and 98% humidity RH for 42 days.

Thanks to the results, we can guarantee our products for 10 years against seepage and peeling. Our guarantee, against an unlikely swelling and/or peeling of the panel, includes the substitution of the panel after verification from our fitter and subsequent approval from NEW DOOR.

Our guarantee includes only the substitution of the verified flawed product within the original terms and conditions and at the original place of delivery.

The guarantee shall be invalidated whenever the panel should be treated with aggressive elements, or in case of misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal and customary manner.

The guarantee starts on the date of the invoice NEW DOOR.