House To House

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31020 , Villorba


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Household Appliances, Industrial Machines


House to House Srl is the company that revolutionised the world of laundry with household appliances and detergents.

It is based in Treviso and Milan. Our mission is to bring professional tools and products created to save time, effort and money into every Italian home. The ABSOLUTE line of household appliances, Prodigi della Natura, sanitisers and disinfectants for surfaces are products conceived, designed and manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds us with the sole objective of optimising the efforts of your household chores. Laying out, picking up, folding and ironing laundry consumes almost 20 hours of a family's life each month, amidst fatigue and frustration. Frenetic rhythms, work and family commitments reduce the time we have to devote to ourselves and the activities we like to do, so finding time for housework becomes more and more complex and most of the time we do it unwillingly and with numbered minutes. From these needs, our products are born. Household and laundry appliances and products designed to make your life easier and to enable you to go about your day with more time for yourself, your well-being and that of your loved ones. Not only that, HtH also offers important business and income opportunities that can really change your everyday life and improve your future. We market innovative and exclusive products designed by us and manufactured by the best production partners in Europe. We have chosen to go from manufacturer to consumer in order to be able to guarantee our customers a direct and transparent relationship and provide dedicated support.