Vianello Marzia

San Marco 1827
Venezia (VE)





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Action girl, life-long learner, tennis player, full-time book lover.

My talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more when I left my Italian hometown - Venice - to fly to Washington D.C.

to attend some college.

When I got back to Italy a few years later, I made a long twist working at Fran Tomasi (Venice) and Trident Agency (Milan) - both international music promoters. Since the very beginning of my career I've been lucky to work with a diverse group of creative and talented people.

From the amazing musicians I had the chance to meet and work with during their Italian tours - from Pink Floyd to Lou Reed, from Peter Gabriel to U2 - from the most perfectionist production directors to tour managers, stagehands and runners, the people I've been able to work with humbles me every day. Such cosmopolitan environment introduced me to interesting people, fascinating ideas and cross-concepts that helped me shape the professional I became about fifteen years ago when I was appointed director of marketing and business development at Andromeda International, a luxury hand-made glass lighting manufacturer. I am now a freelancer always on the look for new explorations. Beyond my talents for solving problems, I am driven by a strong sense of urgency and incredible stamina.

I enjoy and succeed on massive change under fire crisis situations.

i am at my best when turning contingency and chaos into order and harmony.

But I am not really limited to marketing strategies; I was a Junior Champion Namby-Pamby at the age 8 and that's why I later decided to embrace international career that made me travel in many countries. I'm ready to keep pushing major boundaries in my career.