Casa Di Cura Giovanni XXIII

Via Giovanni XXIII 7



+39 0422 8961



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Casa di Cura Giovanni XXIII is located in Monastier di Treviso in Via Giovanni XXIII, 7. The five-storey above-ground building, which houses the inpatient wards, the outpatient services and the administrative offices, is easily identifiable by those driving along the Strada Provinciale Monastier - Ponte di Piave. The access is indicated by adequate signs. The parking is facilitated by the large tree-lined parking spaces in front of Casa di Cura Giovanni XXIII, and by other large parking spaces at the back of the building for users who access the Rehabilitation Service. Casa di Cura Giovanni XXIII can also be reached by public transportation that stops in the same parking lots. In particular, it will be possible to use the buses of the Roncade - Monastier - Meolo line as well as the buses of the Treviso - San Donà di Piave line. Access to the offices, wards and outpatient services located on the 1st floor is via wide staircases, but there is no difficulty for the handicapped due to the presence of a ramp passable by vehicles with the possibility of parking in front of the entrance. The entrance to the Rehabilitation and Cardiology Services is on the ground floor at the back of the building. Any more precise information on the itinerary to be followed from the various sources can be requested from the Reception Office Tel.

+39 0422 8961.