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PEOPLE AND IDEAS The life of Roger Technology has always been founded in the value of people extremelly rich of passion.

People that never back down, people that choose the big challenges to avoid being monotonous.

People that believe that whichever brilliant idea gives the life to a big change towards a great future. CREATIVE INNOVATION The main element of our company heritage is the continuous creative innovation that marks all our solutions.

With Roger Technology, innovation and creativity are melted in a unique concept that expresses a real experience towards the real customer needs. SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY Safety and technology represent a big ally of the culture of Roger Technology.

Whichever thing that we think, that we produce and that we put in the hand of our customers, it must be thought and depeveloped wth the maximum available technology and guarantee the best standard of safety. PRODUCT EXPERTISE In our language we translate the word "experience" in passion.

For us the passion is evertything, it is a big value that every day push ourself towards a continuous and strong criticism in developing of products and solutions that have to be linked with the real needs of of our customers who desire a product designed around their way to work. QUALITY & MADE IN ITALY All solutions, products, design and the complete production process of Roger Technology is developed in Italy with the use of materials of primary quality always found in the market trough partner suppliers that share the same passion and professionality of our company in developing products technologically reliable, effcient and simple in the way that they have been made for being installed and used. MARKET DIALOGUE We develop and love the dialogue between our company and our customers, since we are highly convinced that it is only thanks to our ability to listen to the market that allows us to create the best solution to meet your needs. BRUSHLESS TECHNOLOGY Armed as always with a highly innovative spirit and impressive experience as manufacturers of electromechanical motors, we immaginated a completely BRUSHLESS-ORIENTED automation solution, with a permanent magnetic digital motor: a digital controller that would make the automation system fully controllable and secure, fit for heavy-duty use with very low power consumption.