Ospitalita' Diffusa I Borghi Della Schiara

Via Brigata Garibaldi 89,A



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Mission: To go on holiday, but feel like "one of the locals".

To live in authentic spaces, forgetting to be a tourist.

To make the territory grow without creating environmental impact. Recover existing buildings and discover the life of the villages.

Use the architectural heritage already available, bringing tourism back to small towns.

Diffuse Hospitality: an offer dedicated to those who know the pleasure of travelling from those who love their territory. The Project: I Borghi della Schiara is one of the first experiences of Diffused Hospitality in Veneto. In 2013, after a journey of almost five years and a project shared by the Municipality of Belluno, Comunità Montana Bellunese, Comitato Usi Civici di Bolzano Bellunese, Cai and Associazione Ricreativa, an alternative hospitality offer was born, but with the same quality as a standard hotel proposal. The structures that will host you are part of the village, designed and integrated into the territory.

You will rest in a real home, in living structures that are typical of the places you are visiting, without nature being eroded to make way for new tourist buildings.

You will be able to enjoy a stay at your own pace, but with the hospitality and breakfast services of a hotel. Discovering the towns of Bolzano Bellunese, Gioz, Case Bortot and Viàl will be an integral part of your experience in the Dolomites.