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After more than twenty years of experience in the various outdoor sectors, both in Italy and abroad, a group of professionals and enthusiasts has created Barbasso – Nature Culture: an innovative approach, enthusiastic – and sure – to live and visit the natural environment.

From the uniqueness of the lagoons of the Northern Adriatic to the peaks of the Dolomites, from the great European rivers to the most uncontaminated and scenic streams, Barbasso – Nature Culture will lead you, in a careful and sustainable way, in the natural beauties that characterize our territory, often just a few steps from home. Accompanied by nature guides, mountain guides, river guides with naturalistic specialization, as well as by experts who know the natural environments that characterize our territory, you can approach the wonders and peculiarities of nature that surrounds us, whether you are an expert hiker or just a beginner, whether you travel alone or with your whole family … Because there are no natural beauties that cannot be reached or appreciated, there are only wrong ways to approach the path. Barbasso? Barbasso is the name of the place where our company has its headquarters, the Barbasso Swamp the most beautiful and integrated of the whole course of the River Sile extended for 28 hectares, the Busa Barbasso a former quarry senile become a pleasant lake along the river, on its banks there is our base camp. Nature? Nature is the environment in which we have operated for over twenty years – from the mountains to the coastal lagoons – our group of guides and experts accompanies, designs and studies in all the representative environments of the water cycle, Nature in our vision is an absolute value, an absolute resource, which must generate direct economy with a continuous search for maximum sustainability. Cultures? Culture, knowledge, experience, are the objectives of our proposals, our guides and our designers work constantly and for many years in the environments of which they are the bearers of knowledge and values alongside the people and businesses of the place, spreading our culture is for us the best means of preservation of the places we love. In these three words you will find the meaning of our service, we are a company born from a call POR / FESR Veneto Region, we are proud to live in a region rich in natural environments such as the Veneto, we want to enhance and defend as a heritage of all.