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2021/10/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Enrico Fontanella    2021/10/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Shantaram Viaggi srls    2021/10/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Barbasso SRL    2021/10/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Orson Viaggi    2021/10/19 President Pozza's speech at the Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress Ceremony    2021/10/15 Sportsystem Economic Observatory at Villa Zuccareda Binetti Montebelluna -TV    2021/10/19 Green Pass, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: situation under control, but the behaviour of certain trade unionists leaves one speechless    2021/10/19 Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the rule of law crisis in Poland and the primacy of EU law    2021/10/14 4passi Festival: the 15th edition revolves around sustainable cities and communities - In Treviso from 22 to 24 October 2021    2021/10/15 Join Us For the 2021 New York Luxury Summit: Creative Renaissance    2021/10/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Enrico Fontanella    2021/10/12 How is the Sportsystem District reacting in the post-pandemic period? Sportsystem Economic Observatory - Friday 15 October 2021 at 3.00 p.m.    2021/10/13 Pedagogical Cafés 2021-22    2021/10/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Hamal Viaggi srl    2021/10/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Arabba Fodom Turismo    2021/10/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Venetouring di Bridda Pierpaolo    2021/10/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Passaggio ad est di Barzan Alessandra    2021/10/12 Municipalities at work with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Registration deadline tomorrow Wednesday 13 October 2021.    2021/10/08 Training and research, agreement signed between footwear polytechnic and Sportsystem district    2021/10/08 Treviso & the cinema - Tiramisù World Cup 2021, Treviso 8 - 10 October    2021/10/10 Tiramisù World Cup won by Stefano from Venice and Elena from Belgium    2021/10/07 Sustainability, access to credit and crisis prevention    2021/10/01 Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza wishes the newly elected Magnifica Rector, Daniela Mapelli, every success in her work.    2021/10/07 Regional Councillor Roberto Marcato, the Interregional Commander of the Carabinieri Antonio Paparella and the President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza visiting Infocamere in Padua    2021/09/28 CartaCarbone Festival - The winners of the Landscape/Passage Art Competition    2021/09/28 The clone of Marco Polo's will donated to China - Venice    2021/09/28 Focus on the exhibition at Palazzo Sarcinelli: The Afghan Girl    2021/10/06 A future for new women entrepreneurs with 'yes i startup'.    2021/10/06 Last ITS Academy course selection on 26 October    2021/10/05 CartaCarbone - Synergistic information point    2021/10/03 Expo Dubai 2021, Venicepromex President Mario Pozza: a great opportunity also for exports by Veneto companies    2021/10/06 Pozza: to the mayors I reiterate the support of the Chamber of Commerce    2021/10/01 EU Vaccines Strategy: Commissioner Kyriakides visits Austria and meets with Minister of Health    2021/09/30 Commission launches EU missions to tackle major challenges    2021/10/01 Consumer protection: Airlines commit to timely reimbursement after flight cancellations    2021/10/01 The Commission calls on 19 Member States to comply with EU rules on open data and the reuse of public sector information    2021/10/01 Commission applies the problem-solving procedure under the Regulation on Mutual Recognition of Goods    2021/10/01 State aid: Commission clears Italian public support for Laziomar ferry service; closes investigation concerning support to Saremar    2021/10/01 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of joint control of Telia Towers and its subsidiaries by Brookfield and Telia Company    2021/10/01 Anti-racism: Vice-President Jourová and Commissioner Dalli speak at a conference on equality data in the EU    2021/09/30 A4 highway, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: while Rome is debating on this road, people are still dying    2021/09/29 In Belluno the event for the presentation of the new in-person training programmes, full-time masters and executive education - Open day Luiss Business School | 30 September    2021/09/29 The responsibility of young people to chart a course: the 2021 Assembly of Assindustria Venetocentro Young Entrepreneurs - Villa Contarini Piazzola sul Brenta (Pd) | Friday 1 October, 5pm    2021/09/23 + Trasferimento resiliente "Innovazione sociale e turismo    2021/09/27 Pozza with Mirabilia Network at the Wte in Padua.    2021/09/27 The social partners sign an agreement with Veneto Lavoro and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti    2021/09/27 Pozza, Zanatta, Parisotto welcomes IOC member Ascani ahead of Milan Cortina 2026    2021/09/23 Meeting between Unioncamere Veneto and the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo: an operational meeting to promote trade and create opportunities for enterprises    2021/09/21 Treviso Urbs Picta - Guided tours 25 and 26 September 3 and 16 October    2021/09/17 Hundreds of events to relaunch the country with digital resources - DIGITALmeet | 19 to 23 October    2021/09/17 Dante for our fortune - Cinema Multisala Corso - Saturday 25 September at 4.00 p.m.    2021/09/20 Anci Veneto and Unioncamere promote respect for the environment: the "Attenti alle Porte" project is launched in the Municipality of Treviso    2021/09/20 President Pozza writes to the head teachers of schools in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno    2021/09/20 Justice among the strategic assets of the competitiveness of the economic system. Pozza: the attention that Minister Marta Cartabia will devote to listening to this cry of alarm coming from Veneto, one of the locomotive regions of the country's economy, will be particularly appreciated.    2021/09/17 President Pozza meets Carabinieri Corps General Paparella    2021/09/16 Foreign trade in the rovinces of Belluno and Treviso in the first half of 2021    2021/09/16 State of the Union: Commission proposes a Path to the Digital Decade to deliver the EU's digital transformation by 2030    2021/09/15 NextGenerationEU: Fourth bond issuance maintains strong momentum for EU borrowing for recovery    2021/09/15 CartaCarbone "Autobiografia & Dintorni" - Saturday 18 September, 11:00 a.m.    2021/09/15 Assegno Unico Figli, more than 4 thousand applications between Treviso and Belluno    2021/09/15 Prosek, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: this is a very serious choice. Effective intervention by the Ministry is needed    2021/09/15 Start up, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: the government's choice makes it difficult for young people who want to set up a business    2021/09/13 A double weekend of passion between sport and breeding exhibitions - Fieracavalli 2021    2021/09/10 Trevisan film productions at the 78th Venice Film Festival    2021/09/09 Social alliance to spread scientific news in agriculture - Fieragricola and CREA    2021/09/08 Event VicenzaOro Alberto Milani for Federorafi - IACC - Monday 13 September at 2.30 p.m.    2021/09/08 12th CSR Open Day cycle - WORKING PROGRESS: how work is changing - 29/9/21 and 13/10/21    2021/09/08 Cansiglio 10-13 September 2021 - Forest fair and festival    2021/09/07 State aid: Commission approves €1.75 billion German scheme to support the acquisition of alternatively fuelled buses for passenger transport    2021/09/08 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of a newly founded joint venture by PORR and Doka    2021/09/06 Technical Institute of mechatronics centre in Belluno is up and running - Berton: an extraordinary result for our students and local companies. The skills challenge has been taken up.    2021/09/03 Tiramisu World Cup judges? The exam is in September!    2021/09/03 September Passions    2021/09/02 IAT Treviso, Upcoming events    2021/09/02 Signing of the collaboration protocol between the Municipality of Roncade, Fondazione Città di Roncade, Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno    2021/09/01 Theatrical reading by Massimo Finazzer Flory, Auditorium Santa Caterina - 700th Anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri| Tuesday 14 September at 6.30 p.m.    2021/09/01 State aid: Commission approves €520 million Italian scheme to compensate the trade fairs and congress sector for damages suffered due to the coronavirus outbreak    2021/08/30 NextGenerationEU: European Commission disburses €2.25 billion in pre-financing to Germany    2021/08/28 President Mario Pozza: Fight against agro-criminals. Unioncamere Veneto in the front line with a regional project.    2021/08/26 Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 20 August 2021    2021/08/26 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of sole control over M7 by Oxford Properties    2021/08/25 Webinar Brazilian Fruit: Quality, Taste and Sustainability - 8 September 2021    2021/08/25 Castello Festival | 1 september - Oscillations - Matteo Cremon on the stage of the Arena Live Geox for the Castello Festival with the show of Vitaliano Trevisan    2021/08/24 IACC and Confindustria Federorafi Join Forces to Promote Italian Jewelry Manufacturers in North America    2021/08/24 Women Empowerment Project E-Women Lab    2021/08/18 State aid: Commission gives green light to new synthetic securitisation product under the European Guarantee Fund to further support SMEs affected by the coronavirus outbreak in 22 Member States    2021/08/12 Summer 2021!!!    2021/08/11 State aid: Commission approves €10 million Slovak scheme to support professional sport clubs affected by coronavirus outbreak    2021/08/11 Investment Plan for Europe gives a boost to high-speed internet connection in Poland    2021/08/11 NextGenerationEU: la Commission européenne verse 4 milliards d'euros de préfinancement à la Grèce    2021/08/11 Forest fires: EU continues to mobilise assistance for Greece and other countries in region    2021/08/11 Chemicals: Commission launches public consultation on revision of central piece of chemicals legislation    2021/08/06 Press release Stay Export - register by 30 September only 11 companies will be able to benefit from the free export service    2021/08/05 Press release: Second quarter 2021 - Recovery gains speed    2021/08/06 Innovative probe makes it easier to recover from avalanches    2021/08/06 The weekend events - Art and Music between Pelmo and Civetta 2021 - 6, 7, 8 August, 2021    2021/08/04 Roberto Crosta confirmed as Secretary General of Unioncamere Veneto    2021/08/04 July, €-coin remains high    2021/08/04 State aid: Commission approves € 430 million Italian scheme to compensate ski lift operators for damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic.    2021/08/04 Tokyo Olympic Games track cycling.    2021/08/04 Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 30 July 2021    2021/07/28 Project + Resilient    2021/07/30 Pozza: for all trade associations in Treviso, Belluno and the Chamber's subsidiaries, spaces are available on trevisobellunosystem to promote your initiatives in the interests of businesses, the territory and citizens.    2021/08/02 Looking through the travel notebooks and adventurous life of the father of the Dolomites - Déodat de Dolomieu exhibition - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Museo Paleontologico Rinaldo Zardini | 4 August-10 October 2021    2021/08/02 Iscrivi la tua scuola, rendi partecipi di "Generazione 2026" i tuoi studenti!    2021/08/02 Giuseppe Riello appointed Vice President of Unioncamere Veneto.    2021/07/28 Carabinieri of Treviso news 27/07/2021 - Falsely claiming to be the owner of a holiday home in Sardinia, he induced a 30 year old woman from Casier (TV) to credit her a transfer of 500 euro as a deposit.    2021/07/30 Tiramisù world cup is back live, and this year the dessert comes first | 28 October 2021    2021/07/30 Covid-19 Therapeutics Strategy: Commission identifies five promising candidate therapeutics    2021/07/28 The video - To be on the wings of the Chamber, with talent within - flies to Beijing at the 18th Beijing international sports film week    2021/07/27 Innovation and digitalisation in agro-food sector 2021 - Virtual bilateral meeting event - 24-25 August 2021    2021/07/27 Simplification and digitalisation for exports the data from Treviso and Belluno    2021/07/27 Statement by President von der Leyen on a new milestone in the EU Vaccines Strategy    2021/07/26 Nine days of cycling on the roads of Veneto for Play in the Lane - Tour for Children | Saturday 24 July at 9:00 am    2021/07/26 Unusual visit to the museum collections    2021/07/23 From Tokyo 2020 To Milan - Cortina 2026    2021/07/26 Business demography in the Provinces of Treviso and Belluno as at 30.06.2021    2021/07/22 Green Pass to work in companies, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: useful measure to protect workers' health    2021/07/23 Aperifocus Moda - 2 SSeptember2021    2021/07/01 Superbonus 110% : Free Webinar    2021/07/22 Presidents Mario Pozza and Giuseppe Riello appointed vice-presidents of Unioncamere national Chamber    2021/07/22 Unioncamere: Carlo Sangalli ends his mandate and leaves the baton to Andrea Prete    2021/07/20 Manager Corrado Facco is the new CEO of Certottica    2021/07/20 Pozza: Top of the PID Mirabilia 2021 award. First prize a cheque for 3,000 euros for digital ideas for the relaunch of tourism. Full speed ahead for the candidature of the companies from Treviso and Belluno!    2021/07/19 Chamber of Commerce Digital Showcases available to businesses for free promotion    2021/07/15 Great Italian dance opens the 41st edition of Operaestate | Saturday 17 July 21.20 at Teatro al Castello Tito Gobbi    2021/07/19 Operaestate sees the world premiere of Swans, with Virna Toppi | 22 July    2021/07/19 Free corporate videos for companies in the Veneto region | 29 July 2021    2021/07/15 Innovative start-ups, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza on the notary requirement: a decision that weighs on the future and harms young people who want to do business.    2021/06/21 Livelet Park, European Archaeology Days    2021/06/25 Meeting between Unioncamere Veneto, the north-eastern chamber system and the national Unioncamere president candidate Andrea Prete    2021/07/13 State aid: Commission approves €100 million Italian scheme to support foreign cinematographic and audiovisual productions    2021/06/01 Veneto's economy starts again thanks to industry. 2021 starts with a rebound in production and turnover (+3.1%), but not for all economic sectors    2021/06/07 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Casa di Cura Giovanni XXIII    2021/06/18 A full programme of summer events including period films, street dance masterclasses, a theatre festival and magical nights for children - The Enchanted Summer 2021    2021/06/29 Anci Veneto President Mario Conte with Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza visit Infocamere headquarters in Padua    2021/06/18 21 June 2021 Top of the PID_Mirabilia Award - Tourism and SMEs, technological innovations provide an opportunity for a new start.    2021/06/21 The Community Pact at Liceo Marconi opens the workshops.    2021/06/21 Agreement between craftsmen and schools    2021/07/09 Artificial intelligence, the new challenge for Belluno's manufacturing sector - Giacomelli: transformation underway, we must be ready.    2021/07/12 Event programme Presentation of the Marca Trevigiana Food District    2021/07/12 The strength of women colours Treviso pink: 1,500 people in the square for the return of the event dedicated to Lilt    2021/07/11 Pozza: more companies in the Treviso and Belluno area are becoming socially responsible. This is how our region looks at innovation.    2021/07/12 History and stories of Cadore's eyewear industry - 16 July at 18.00    2021/07/08 Zampol reconfirmed as Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce. Pozza expresses programmatic lines    2021/07/06 Here are the ten finalist entrepreneurs of the national competition of Treviso Creativity Week - Impavidi Award | 1-7 November 2021    2021/07/08 Become an Italian citizen: everything you still don’t know | Monday, July 12 at 9:30 AM CT - 16:30 CEST    2021/07/08 Berlin Summit: Western Balkans strengthen regional cooperation and foster closer ties with the EU    2021/07/06 180,000 euros for music and the music professions. It is the first protocol of its kind in Italy.    2021/07/02 Prosek brand, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: Hands off Prosecco. Behind this product there are great enterprises and years of sacrifice by our producers    2021/07/01 Mario Pozza confirmed as President of Unioncamere Veneto    2021/07/02 Councillor Marcato: A renewed commitment and the guarantee of continuing to count on a man who knows how to be a team player. Mario Pozza confirmed at the head of Unioncamere Veneto.    2021/07/02 Defence Industry: the Commission kick-starts the European Defence Fund with €1.2 billion and awards 26 new industrial cooperation projects for more than €158 million    2021/06/30 Current topics at Evoo Days: Fighting the olive fly in organic farming and the right shelf life for oil    2021/06/28 Music, shows and great guests for the summer of the Queen of the Dolomites - CortinAteatro from 17 July 2021    2021/06/28 Open day - Treviso Film Commission    2021/06/28 ITS Eyewear Product Manager Course - A digital event and open week | 25 June 2021    2021/06/28 Da Rin Zanco: Mechanics remains strategic for the Belluno area. Ready to catch up with the recovery by focusing on innovation and training - Apericeo is back, with Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of Epta, as host.    2021/06/29 Data protection: Commission adopts adequacy decisions for the UK    2021/06/28 Where Prosecco meets social sustainability Pozza awards Vanzin Selections for Mirabilia top of the PID    2021/06/29 Changes to the Eurosystem’s loan-level data requirements    2021/06/25 Diversity Management and Integration: customised training for Veneto companies    2021/06/25 Inauguration of the exhibition Japan at the tip of the nose. Saturday 3 July, 6 p.m.    2021/06/25 Inside Australia - The country of records and primacy - Tuesday 29 June 2021 - 10.00am    2021/06/23 Treviso Carabinieri - 14/06/2021 - Renovation work begins on palazzo Zuccareda, the prestigious headquarters of Treviso's provincial command headquarters    2021/06/23 Mario Pozza confirmed at the head of the Belluno-Treviso Chamber of Commerce. Compliments from Zaia, "winning continuity".    2021/06/23 Road safety: between 2020 and 2021 the Province has carried out emergency works for 2 million Euros.    2021/06/23 President Pozza re-elected by acclamation    2021/06/18 A4 Venice-Trieste motorway, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: how many people will die before the work is completed? Responsibility must be assumed    2021/06/17 Emerging strengthened from the pandemic: acting on lessons learned from the pandemic    2021/06/17 EU and US take decisive step to end aircraft dispute    2021/06/15 Loggia dei Cavalieri, from 28 June to 4 July / Museo di Santa Caterina, from 16 July to 31 August - #NOISIAMOTREVISO returns    2021/06/15 Zennaro released from prison, Unioncamere Veneto president Mario Pozza: an event that must serve as an example. Our entrepreneurs must be protected and safeguarded    2021/06/15 Mirabilia: Top of the PID 2020 Award Ceremony - Monday 21 June    2021/06/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Roger Technology S.r.l.    2021/06/11 Lepido Rocco students kick off the Milan - Cortina project and the 2026 generation    2021/06/09 Compraverde Forum, President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza: Sustainability is a strategic challenge for the future of enterprises and a great job opportunity for young people    2021/06/10 ICCO Webinar What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? | June 16    2021/06/09 IL SETTORE AGROALIMENTARE ITALIANO VINCE LA CRISI E GUADAGNA 64 MILIARDI DI EURO NEL 2020    2021/06/08 CCIU MOLK Newsletter - Supply Chain Finance by CIB Bank, K&H, Unicredit    2021/06/08 IACCinform June Newsletter    2021/06/08 49th edition of the Toti Dal Monte contest | From 7 to 12 June    2021/06/07 The foyer of the Teatro Verdi opens to the public for the travelling exhibition Sixty & Twelve Rosenthal | 11th-25th June    2021/06/07 Becoming App Creators at high school: from Assindustria Venetocentro and Club Bit a Project Work for future digital managers. Here is the list of winners    2021/06/03 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Greenproject Italia Srl    2021/06/03 SAVE THE DATE ! Invito Webinar gratuito sulle opportunità di business in NORMANDIA (FRANCIA) per le imprese italiane nella filiera AGROALIMENTARE - 24 Giugno 2021    2021/06/03 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Società Agricola Le Manzane    2021/06/01 Webinar Civilian and Defence Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and High Performance Computing | 3rd-4th June    2021/06/01 Join the IACC Today and Tap into the Strength and Knowledge of our Network!    2021/05/31 Cortina is closed to Treviso: Getting to Treviso from Cortina has never been so easy    2021/05/31 Venice is very closed to Treviso : you just take 30 minutes to reach it by car or train    2021/05/28 The manufacturing economy in the first quarter of 2021. Manufacturing almost back to pre-covid levels    2021/05/27 Milano – Cortina and the 2026 generation    2021/05/31 A great celebration welcomed President Pozza and Red Canzian to the Lepido Rocco with fashion designer Muraro    2021/05/10 Guided tours to Treviso painted city: Treviso urbspicta, May 16 and 22    2021/05/25 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Eurosystem Spa    2021/05/25 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Monolith Srl    2021/05/25 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Skema Srl    2021/05/26 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Veneto Vetro Srl    2021/05/26 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Erba Loca & Vivai Pio Loco Renato    2021/05/26 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Apicoltura Piovesan    2021/05/26 SAVE THE DATE - Webinar CCIU | CIB BANK Innovazione dei Finanziamenti nei rapporti commerciali import-export - Innováció a nemzetközi export-import finanszírozásban | 3 Giugno    2021/05/27 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Gioielleria Boni    2021/05/27 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Volteco Spa    2021/05/27 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Azienda Agricola La Tordera    2021/05/28 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Sabena Calzaturificio Srl    2021/05/28 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Sedes Group Srl    2021/05/28 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Azienda Agricola Bernardi    2021/05/31 The work between curse and blessing. Biblical Festival 2021 | June 17    2021/05/24 Agreement between school and artisan world of work    2021/05/21 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Calzaturificio Fitwell 4.0 Srl    2021/05/20 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Diemmebi Spa    2021/05/20 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Dema Pubblicità    2021/05/25 Agreement between the Municipality of Treviso and the Chamber of Commerce for the economic and touristic revival    2021/05/25 Inauguration ceremony of the Gianfranco Crespan room at the Ethnographic Museum    2021/05/25 Presentation of the new book by Benetton Foundation: Giardini storici, verità e finzione | 28 May    2021/05/20 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Meccanica 2P Srl    2021/05/19 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Val D'Oca Srl    2021/05/24 Gruppo Alcuni cerebrates 15 years old of the company!    2021/05/24 Webinar gratuito Le nuove sfide e le nuove opportunità per il Vino Italiano a Hong Kong | 27 Maggio    2021/05/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Ristorazione Ottavian Spa    2021/05/19 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Dersut Caffè Spa    2021/05/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Novatex Srl    2021/05/19 Cs CNA Asolo / Coldiretti Treviso - Pact CNA-Coldiretti for the Ghisola | On 26th training with the pastry chef Di Carlo    2021/05/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Agriturismo Mondragon    2021/05/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Rudy Project    2021/05/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: ETC Invest Spa    2021/05/19 Don't miss 5 incredible nights celebrating the Authentic Italian cuisine 🍷🍝 | June 7-8-9-14-15    2021/05/19 Photographic Exhibition: the Park shows itself at Sant'Artemio in collaboration with the Province and the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations    2021/05/19 Veronafiere focuses on large-scale distribution: on 20TH May, two webinars on the wine market and on organic and sustainability    2021/05/19 Run4Hope 2021 Massigen Pro AIRC Starts on 22 May    2021/05/18 InfoCamere inaugurates at the headquarters of Corso Stati Uniti a space for art dedicated to employees    2021/05/13 Cappadocia: The landscape in the lap of the rock. Re-opening exhibition | from Thursday to Sunday    2021/05/17 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Padoan Srl    2021/05/17 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Elektra Srl    2021/05/18 Rivista Commerciale Informa, numero di Maggio 2021 - Italia Thailandia - pubblicata dalla CCIE BANGKOK    2021/05/18 Presentation of the book Giocare tra medioevo ed età moderna | May 20th at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom    2021/05/17 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Serena Wines 1881 Srl    2021/05/14 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Roces SRL    2021/05/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Col delle Rane - Azienda agricola biologica    2021/05/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Nodopiano Web Agency    2021/05/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company ARTIMETAL sas    2021/05/14 122 students from Belluno become "entrepreneurs of the future" with an initiative supported by the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori - Da Rin Zanco: Guidance and school are key factors for the restart of the territory    2021/05/14 Free streaming Fabrica About Future, dedicated to the theme of recycling and resource optimization | Thursday, May 27    2021/05/13 ICCI Melbourne Golf Day Event | 14th May    2021/05/12 V Edition Compraverde Buygreen | June 8-9    2021/05/12 Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 7th May 2021    2021/05/11 INFO & NEWS | n°06.2021    2021/05/11 The Centro di Medicina of Conegliano for three days becomes also a film set    2021/05/11 European Year of Rail: Connecting Europe Express will travel across 26 countries in 36 days    2021/05/11 EU and Japan hold high-level policy dialogue on education, culture and sport    2021/05/11 State aid: Commission approves Danish scheme to compensate companies for damages suffered due to coronavirus outbreak    2021/05/11 State aid: Commission approves €8.8 million Estonian scheme to support organisers of cultural events in context of coronavirus outbreak    2021/05/11 State aid: Commission approves €22 million Portuguese scheme to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the region of Madeira in context of coronavirus outbreak    2021/05/11 Conférence sur l'avenir de l'Europe : événement inaugural à Strasbourg    2021/05/07 Commissioner Johansson travels to Ankara    2021/05/07 Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans attends Petersberg Climate Dialogue    2021/05/11 Commission makes €11 million available to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities and cooperation    2021/05/11 IACCinform May Newsletter    2021/05/11 CIUZ | Save the date! 24 Giugno: appuntamento per le società italiane    2021/05/10 Webinar Diritto del lavoro in Svizzera: III appuntamento del ciclo di incontri sul mercato del lavoro | 17 Maggio    2021/05/10 Principles, Partnership, Prosperity: EU and India launch collaboration on sustainable connectivity    2021/05/07 REMINDER TO COME NETWORK WITH US | Cocktail event on 13th May    2021/05/07 Sei invitato al webinar: Il settore hi-tech in Svizzera: le opportunità di sbocco per le startup e imprese italiane    2021/05/07 Thai Herbs Webinars' series - calendario Attività sull' Industria delle Erbe Officinali dal 13 Maggio al 17 Giugno 2021    2021/05/07 Social Europe: President von der Leyen and College members to participate in Porto Social Summit    2021/05/07 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of joint control over Honshu Chemical by Mitsui Chemicals and Mitsui Bussan    2021/05/07 President von der Leyen at the State of the Union conference, hosted by the European University Institute    2021/05/07 Coronavirus: Commission proposes €6.8 million in total to support 1,700 dismissed workers of air carriers KLM and Finnair    2021/05/06 CCDI | La Camera di Commercio Dominico-Italiana ha eletto il Consiglio di Amministrazione 2021-2023    2021/05/05 CCIP | Proyectos locales apoyados por la Unión Europea    2021/05/04 #TOGETHER4GROWTH: PREMIO PER LA COOPERAZIONE COMUNALE TRA GERMANIA E ITALIA    2021/05/03 Join Us for LEAP Forward: (RE)Build Smarter    2021/05/04 E-Masterclass One-star Michelin Chef Carlo Cracco | 17th May at 3:00 pm    2021/05/03 Coronavirus: Commission proposes to ease restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU while addressing variants through new ‘emergency brake’ mechanism    2021/04/30 Newsletter aprile - travanj 2021    2021/04/29 Campagna Amica Treviso: 14 agritourisms for the first Agriscampagnate on the weekend of May 1 and 2    2021/04/30 Valletta Green Festival 2021 | May 7-11, 2021    2021/04/30 Presentation of Mobilise SME Project. Exchange opportunities in Europe for entrepreneurs, managers, employees and professionals    2021/05/03 Webinar The market situation in Morocco: how to start doing business again | 30th June    2021/05/03 May 20 kicks off the 43rd season of prose. It starts again!    2021/05/03 Nuovo consiglio direttivo della Camera di Commercio Italiana in Messico    2021/04/29 From CCIE Bangkok - Thai Herbs Webinars' series - Activities calendar on the Herbal Medicine Industry from May 13 to June 17, 2021    2021/04/29 Fearless Award 2021: the project of TCW2021 to restart after the crisis    2021/04/29 Webinar Space Factories.Emerging applications on space stations | 4th May    2021/04/27 CCIT Informe Económico de marzo 2021    2021/04/26 Webinar Brexit: Quelles conséquences et quelles lecons? 3 mai 2021 - h 11:00-12:30    2021/04/26 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Droop S.r.l. - Karryco    2021/04/26 Webinar - Fashion and design for the new Japanese consumer | May 21 at 10:00 am    2021/04/23 TICC Webinar Series - Thai Herb Business Industry | From 13th May to 17th June    2021/04/22 CAMIT | Catalogue of services of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chile 2021    2021/04/23 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bioxigen    2021/04/21 The 2021 ICCO Air Canada Business Excellence Awards | May 27, 2021    2021/04/22 On Wednesday 21st April, Unioncamere Veneto organized a webinar on the Integration of Cultural and Creative Components in next-generation Venetian Manufacturing.    2021/04/22 Together for the territory and businesses Teatro Stabile del Veneto and Assindustria Venetocentro    2021/04/23 Attracting French customers, tourism of the recovery | 26th April at 5:30 pm    2021/04/21 Belluno becomes laboratory of alpine innovation - Great event on Thursday, April 22    2021/04/20 The Chamber created a Webinar for the international development of companies from Cearà for the European market    2021/04/20 The successful cartoon Un amico raro becomes testimonial for a rare disease. Gruppo Alcuni, Rai Ragazzi and AIAF together in a project to raise awareness. Streaming on 22nd April at 11:00 am - 1:00 pm    2021/04/20 Virtual tour of the exhibition Leopoldo Metlicovitz and Hausbrandt. Graphics and Image    2021/04/19 REMINDER - Webinar CCIU & Windling Consulting - Social Networks as Business Developer | 20th April at 10:00 am    2021/04/19 Presentation of the research: The vine-cultural landscape of the Anthropocene. The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene as a possible laboratory in the framework of Unesco policies. 21 April at 5:00 pm    2021/04/19 Cyber security and Artificial Intelligence: are we all safer? Streaming Live on 20th April at 9:00 pm    2021/04/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Azienda agricola Enrica Balzan    2021/04/16 ECB publishes the results of the public consultation on a digital euro    2021/04/16 Post-Cotonou negotiations on new EU/Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Partnership Agreement concluded    2021/04/15 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of joint control of Tele Columbus by Morgan Stanley and United Internet    2021/04/15 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of joint control over Jetfly by Pierer Industrie, Palfinger and FSS    2021/04/15 Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed acquisition of Trimo by Kingspan    2021/04/14 The three webinars of Partecipare il Presente. Work in Treviso during and after Covid: the numbers, the trends, the supporting policies. Speakers Maurizio Rasera (April 15), Bruno Anastasia (April 20) and Daniele Marini (April 28)    2021/04/14 SAVE THE DATE - Webinar CCIU & Windling Consulting - Social Networks as Business Developer. 20th April at 10:00 am    2021/04/12 April 12: Future Talks (with Farinetti) start for Treviso Creativity Week    2021/04/12 Webinar “Neue Kompetenzen und Professionalitäten zur Unterstützung der Digitalisierungsprozesse der KMUs” – 20/04/2021 – 14.30/16.30    2021/04/09 April 15, Final event of the ACTIVE LEARNING LAB - EXPORT MANAGER III EDITION    2021/04/02 Today Marca Amica, the food and wine and agri-tourism guide of Terranostra and Coldiretti Treviso, was presented    2021/04/07 Gruppo Alcuni and the Leo Da Vinci series: today we're talking about... Lisa!    2021/04/07 April 9 presentation of the short film Bodies, Landscapes made within the framework of the International Days of Landscape Study 2021    2021/04/02 Easter 2021: best wishes from the President    2021/03/29 Shrewsbury’s Early offers to world-class universities    2021/03/31  Syrian crisis: €5.3 billion mobilised by donors for 2021 and beyond at 5th Brussels Conference    2021/03/29 TICC UPCOMING Events and Webinars    2021/03/26 Commission adopts new Erasmus+ work programme and launches first calls    2021/03/25 Make your life a work of art: The New Visual Identity of Asolo Art Film Festival 2021    2021/03/25 President Pozza: 1600 years of history of our Venice. Great anniversary!    2021/03/24 Digitale kompetenzen wie sich die Rolle und die Didaktik von Trainer und Lehrkräften ändern    2021/03/23 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Piuma Care Srl    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Terraglio mobili Srl    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Parchettificio Garbelotto Srl    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bralco Srl    2021/03/22 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Agostino Fabbian    2021/03/20 Saturday 20th March Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the victims of mafias Pozza: The active commitment of the institutions    2021/03/18 Join Us for The Ripple 4.0    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Giampietro Zanata    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Newcol Srl    2021/03/17 Trevisobellunosystem is now on Telegram!    2021/03/16 In Germany great success for the Leo da Vinci series    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Stencil Artelegno    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Silvio Salvador    2021/03/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Arch. Andrea Scudella    2021/03/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Campione Informatico    2021/03/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Fabio Toffanin    2021/03/12 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Veneta Stampi    2021/03/14 THE MICROFILM OF THE TERTIARY: THIS IS THE STORY OF THE SMALL BUSINESS. 9 stories of business, 6 municipalities of the Marca trevigiana    2021/03/15 20 March 2021 Memorial and Commitment day in memory of the victims of mafias - Dedication to Cristina Pavesi    2021/03/12 15th-21st March: The year of the seven winters - Teatro Stabile del Veneto    2021/03/12 Monetary policy decisions    2021/03/11 Artificial Intelligence and Medicine: live streaming on March 16, 2021    2021/03/11 Carlo Scarpa Award: Virtual tour of the exhibition    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Arredamenti Cenedese Srl    2021/03/11 Europe’s Digital Decade: Commission sets the course towards a digitally empowered Europe by 2030    2021/03/11 Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 5th March 2021    2021/03/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Costa Imballaggi Srl    2021/03/10 State aid: Commission approves €70 million German scheme to support roll-out of infrastructure for mobile communication services in German Land of Lower Saxony    2021/03/10 Vittorio Veneto municipality: Women at work, path of female empowerment    2021/03/10 Vittorio Veneto municipality: Women at work, path of female empowerment    2021/03/08 DG Justice Newsletter on funding opportunities and funded projects    2021/03/08 Happy International Woman's Day!    2021/03/08 Commerce is changing its skin, here's how food and beverage retailers are starting again    2021/03/08 EU and U.S. agree to suspend all tariffs linked to the Airbus and Boeing disputes    2021/03/05 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Velvet Media Italia    2021/03/05 Dialogue in the territory generates trust and a network of inestimable value    2021/03/05 Rotary Club Treviso Piave met President Pozza on local economy and respect for legality    2021/03/05 Meeting on the dynamics of credit and the new definition of default    2021/03/05 A network with the Veneto Region to relaunch the export of the entrepreneurial system    2021/03/05 A meeting to deepen the knowledge of the platform Piazza Italia for the context of the Venetian companies that want to introduce themselves and have new contacts in the United States    2021/03/05 Ars & Téchne: Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation. A dialogue between Liceo Classico Flaminio and the artisans    2021/03/05 IACC True Italian Taste: focus on the cuisine of Veneto    2021/03/05 Results of the Veneto Congiuntura survey on the fourth quarter of 2020    2021/03/05 Press conference on the activities of Fondazione Marca Treviso    2021/03/05 The organizational machine of the World Ski Championships Cortina 2021    2021/03/05 The impact of CCIAA digitization on municipalities and companies    2021/03/05 Treviso Film Commission: the docufilm Red Land for the Day of Remembrance of the Foibe massacre    2021/03/05 The research and structured analysis of digitalization in Veneto meets the experience of InfiniteArea companies, SIMEM, the Granary of Ideas    2021/03/05 Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing Veneto: progress to date and future prospects    2021/03/05 President Pozza received the CISL Treviso-Belluno General Secretary, Massimiliano Paglini    2021/03/05 Webinar: Criminal infiltration and pandemic: entrepreneurial dynamics and fragility    2021/03/05 Interview on calls for tenders and funding for companies in the Veneto region with President Pozza    2021/03/05 A new platform to start from data for the relaunch of tourism in Veneto. Regional Councillor Caner and President Pozza of Unioncamere Veneto.    2021/03/05 Meeting between Pozza and Conte    2021/03/05 Technical table of the Superbonus with the economic and professional categories of Treviso and Belluno    2021/03/05 President Pozza received the former President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, Nicola Serragiotto, at the Chamber's headquarters in Treviso    2021/03/05 The Cannavò award arrived from Milan to Treviso    2021/03/05 Beware of suspicious phone calls, contacts and bulletins: warning of the Guarantor on misleading messages    2021/03/05 The digital Showroom at the Padua Fair    2021/03/05 Mario Pozza met the new Prefect His Excellency Dr. Sergio Bracco at the Prefecture in Belluno    2021/03/05 Ski slopes, the president of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza: A last minute decision that creates serious damage to operators. Immediate relief is needed    2021/03/04 Christmas greetings 2020    2021/03/04 New offices in via Fiumicelli    2021/03/04 President Mario Pozza: Happy New Year to all!    2021/03/04 President Pozza live on Rete Veneta    2021/03/04 President Pozza on RAI TGR Veneto    2021/03/04 On air on Rai Gulp and RaiPlay the series LEO DA VINCI    2021/03/02 March 3, meeting with Maurizio Corrado: Notes of neo-ecology. The body of the Anthropocene    2021/03/02 Agreement between the Prefecture and the Chamber of Commerce: data to monitor and guarantee good business practices    2021/03/02 CIMBA Open Day on Thursday, March 4. The story of an MBA that transforms people into leaders    2021/03/01 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Ristoro Fertazza    2021/03/01 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Weeicom Srls a socio unico    2021/03/01 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Azienda Vinicola Luigi Gregoletto sas    2021/03/01 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company SPORT FANATIC SRL    2021/02/26 AIA next event: Artificial intelligence and finance. Banking, credit, stock exchanges    2021/02/26 The president of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: Ensuring access to credit to companies is essential to exit the crisis    2021/02/24 La solidarité de l'UE en action: le Fonds de solidarité de l'UE verse une avance de 6 millions d'euros à la France afin de réparer les dégâts causés par la tempête Alex en octobre 2020    2021/02/25 Protecting people working through platforms: Commission launches a first-stage consultation of the social partners    2021/02/24 State aid: Commission approves €254 million Romanian aid to support rehabilitation of district heating system in Bucharest    2021/02/24 EU to set up new European Partnerships and invest nearly €10 billion for the green and digital transition    2021/02/24 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of Applegreen by Blackstone and B&J    2021/02/24 Over 10,000 children take part in consultation on upcoming EU Strategy on Rights of the Child and the European Child Guarantee    2021/02/24 Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem as at 19th February 2021    2021/02/24 INVITATION | Web Conference Woody biomass: opportunity or problem for the mitigation of the climate crisis | February 25    2021/02/22 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Pimmel SRL    2021/02/22 Awarded the students of the schools of Treviso and Oderzo: Cellulose from apple peels and reusable pizza box    2021/02/22 Five companies on the podium of the Impresa Ambiente Award: Edileco, Caviro, Ecoplasteam, Waste to Methane and Enel    2021/02/22 International Speciality Food Summit Coming Soon!    2021/02/19 Financial statements of the ECB for 2020    2021/02/19 Commission sets course for an open, sustainable and assertive EU trade policy    2021/02/18 Art'igiani: Anselmi srl hosts Marco Furio Forieri. Friday 19th February    2021/02/17 Sustainability: from Venice the live broadcast of the ceremony of the Environment Business Award, the highest Italian award for green companies    2021/02/17 Short supply chains, circular economy, and big data: a more crisis resistant mountain sport system invests in innovation and sustainability    2021/02/17 Coronavirus: preparing Europe for the increased threat of variants    2021/02/17 Thailand's Innovation Episode #13 “Crudigno Organic Oils: Learning about the differences and health properties of Olive and Flaxseed Oil”    2021/02/17 Gentle Reminder: [TICC Webinar] “EEC Updates and Investment Opportunities” - 17 Feb '21, 15:00 hrs.    2021/02/09 Live Streaming event for the Province of Treviso on 10th February at 10.00 am for the Day of Remembrance    2021/02/12 Art'igiani - CNA Treviso - Live streaming Friday 12th February at 18:30 with Erica Boschiero hosted by two marketing and communication professionals    2021/02/12 Saturday 13th February: Harlequin of the market Food, masks and... love    2021/02/16 The District of commerce Terre d'Acqua of Silea (TV) obtains the regional recognition    2021/02/16 Communication - PID network live on Instagram hosted by journalist Barbara Gasperini    2021/02/15 The management of international payment instruments    2021/02/15 Next events IAT Treviso    2021/02/12 Cortina 2021. Friday will be dedicated to official downhill training in Cortina    2021/02/12 Cortina 2021. Alpine Troops of the Army, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and State Police. The military and the law enforcements watching over Cortina 2021    2021/02/11 Cortina 2021. The World Championships in Cortina start with the two SuperGs: women's race at 10:45 am, men's race at 1:00 pm    2021/02/11 The organisational machine of the World Ski Championships Cortina 2021    2021/02/10 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Giusti Wine    2021/02/10 Gentle Reminder: TICC Webinar “Everyone needs a better logo, from CIA to Burger King, to the carwash shop” - 10 February 2021 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM    2021/02/10 Cortina 2021. Cortina goes faster and faster: EOLO boosts connectivity for the Ski World Cup    2021/02/10 Cortina 2021. Info SG women WSC Cortina    2021/02/09 Cortina 2021. 350 people and 14 snow groomers at work on the slopes of Cortina after 5:00 pm. The program for Tuesday 9th February    2021/02/09 Cortina 2021. Marta Bassino will open the first race in Cortina    2021/02/09 Cortina 2021. Great success for Cortina 2021 digital channels: social interactions go crazy and app and website grow too    2021/02/08 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Apartment Conte    2021/02/08 Teatro Stabile del Veneto offers a digital Carnival    2021/02/07 The inauguration will take place today on Sunday 7 February, at 18.00, and will be conducted by Petra Loreggian, voice of RDS 100% Grandi Successi.    2021/02/08 The impact of the digitisation of the Chamber of Commerce on municipalities and enterprises. How the 360-degree process of digitisation affects the economic performance    2021/02/08 40th edition of the Literary Prize Giovanni Comisso Regione del Veneto - City of Treviso: the selections of the finalist works will be held within 12th June, the final on 2nd October    2021/02/08 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme: €100 million to support around 1,200 researchers in Europe    2021/02/08 Russia: High Representative/Vice-President Borrell travels to Moscow    2021/02/05 Statement by Mario Pozza on the assignment of Mario Draghi    2021/02/05 The Founding Mothers and Fathers of the European Union - Montebelluna (TV) | Municipality of Venice. Exhibition 08.02-08.03.2021    2021/02/05 Starting from Thursday 4th February Ca' Scarpa reopens to the public    2021/02/02 LAB debuts at the Rimoldi Museum in Cortina d'Ampezzo with a mountain of bricks almost two metres high, until 5th April 2021, on the occasion of the Alpine Ski World Championships    2021/02/02 FEBRUARY 2, A. I.: FROM THE AGE OF THE ARCHIVE TO THE AGE OF THE ORACLE    2021/02/02 Vaccines: contract between European Commission and AstraZeneca now published    2021/02/02 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Dissegna Logistics    2021/02/02 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Dalla Gassa Lavorazioni Metalliche    2021/02/02 IACCinform February Newsletter    2021/02/01 ECB to stress test 38 euro area banks as part of the 2021 EU-wide stress test led by EBA    2021/02/01 Read-out of the videoconference between President von der Leyen and CEOs of pharmaceutical companies    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Righetto di Righetto Lucio Andrea    2021/01/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Officina Stellare    2021/01/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Gibus Spa    2021/01/29 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Argenta Srl    2021/02/01 #Danteday: San Donà reads Dante    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Baldoin viaggi    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Wild in the Dolomiti    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Grafiche Battivelli    2021/01/28 On Backstage platform the incoming web series A ritmo di Dante about the Supreme Poet interpreted by the students of the Carlo Goldoni Theatre Academy    2021/01/28 Webinar 5th February 2021 at 9.30 am on Industry 4.0 in the Veneto manufacturing sector: the road ahead and future prospects    2021/01/28 On Backstage platform the New Year's Concert doesn't stop to excite    2021/01/28 BlueInvest Day 2021 announces new funds for the ocean economy    2021/01/28 Mergers: Commission clears joint venture between Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance and Macquarie Bank    2021/01/28 Aides d'État: La Commission autorise un régime d'aide français de 120 millions d'euros destiné à indemniser partiellement les clubs sportifs et les organisateurs d'évènements sportifs pour le préjudice subi en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus    2021/01/28 Aides d'État: la Commission autorise un régime français de 200 millions d'euros en faveur de certaines entreprises affectées par la pandémie du coronavirus    2021/01/28 L'UE stimule la production durable de cacao en Côte d'Ivoire, au Ghana et au Cameroun    2021/01/28 Commission presents study on impact of trade agreements on agri-food sectors    2021/01/27 Holocaust Remembrance Day    2021/01/26 In the task force Health & Life Sciences of the G20 Business Summit there is Alessandra Polin    2021/01/26 Webinar on mutual funds on Thursday, January 28    2021/01/27 New alliances for new solutions: President von der Leyen at the Davos Agenda Week 2021    2021/01/27 EU boosts humanitarian aid budget for 2021 as needs rise    2021/01/25 President Pozza: Green road infrastructure, future of the mountains    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Caffettin Microtorrefazione    2021/01/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company FIAIP Treviso    2021/01/25 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Materica    2021/01/25 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company NORD EST GROUP    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Albergo Stella Alpina    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: Hotel alla Torre    2021/01/18 Venetodotcom data updates from companies: B&B Sot l'Agner    2021/01/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Hotel Mirella    2021/01/19 Free webinar: Hong Kong. Friday, 5th February 2021 at 10:00 am    2021/01/19 Round Table on Financial Education    2021/01/20 CLUSTERS AND TERRITORY    2021/01/22 University Courses in the province of Treviso.    2021/01/21 HOW TO REACH TREVISO AND BELLUNO    2021/01/25 4 funded courses to invest in human capital and make small and medium-sized enterprises grow. Master Reloaded of Confartigianato Marca trevigiana Formazione    2021/01/25 The numbers of an adventure to become "stage animals". Veneto TeSeO model: more than 10,000 hours of training, 1358 participants, 48 young artists signed up    2021/01/25 Holocaust Memorial Day: on Backstage platform, week of performances inspired by the stories and words of Liliana Segre, Primo Levi and the music of Three Jewish musicians in the storm of the racial laws    2021/01/25 Pieve rewards you: the success and the award-ceremony of the contest    2021/01/25 January 26 and February 2: the psychotherapist arrives in Confcommercio classrooms. The psychological impact of covid 19 on companies and workers. The director: We are preparing the restart    2021/01/22 State aid: Commission approves €325 million public support to provide schools in Italy with very high internet speeds    2021/01/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company QWEB Srl    2021/01/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Ristorante Bar Don Bacco    2021/01/19 The Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia: Güllüdere and Kızılçukur    2021/01/19 The Executive Manager of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto is Claudia Marcolin    2021/01/13 Aperifocus Workplace & Collaborative Spaces    2021/01/19 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company COSIMO VINCI DESIGN    2021/01/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Sangallo Tours SNC    2021/01/15 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Hotel Mezzaluna    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Falcade Dolomiti    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Hotel & Residence Panorama    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company B&B Nordest Sudest di Tibolla Paolo    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Prosecco di Marca    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bar Caffetteria EFFEMME    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bepi Bosol SNC    2021/01/18 New European Bauhaus: Commission launches design phase    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bar Ristorante Al Molin    2021/01/14 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Aurine Ski Dolomiti    2021/01/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bar Ristorante Da Carla    2021/01/13 4 meetings on viticulture in Treviso 2021    2021/01/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company B&B Villa Belvedere Di De Nardin Elisa    2021/01/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Bar Paninoteca Daisy di Soppelsa Federica    2021/01/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Rifugio Bruto Carestiato di Favero Diego    2021/01/13 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Haus Gobbis S.R.L.S.    2021/01/12 IACCinform January Newsletter    2021/01/11 New Year's Greeting Message from the President    2021/01/11 Happy New Year! Watch our Year in Review Video    2021/01/11 INFO & NEWS n°01.2021    2021/01/11 Fighting antisemitism: Commission and International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance publish handbook for the practical use of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism    2021/01/11 Commission proposes to purchase up to 300 million additional doses of BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine    2021/01/11 Rapport sur les perspectives de la qualité de l’air: la mise en œuvre intégrale des mesures pourrait réduire de 55 % les décès prématurés dus à la pollution atmosphérique en 2030    2021/01/11 European Innovation Council and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to work closer together for Europe's innovators    2021/01/11 Annual Intra-EU Labour Mobility Report shows that mobility within the EU increased in 2019, though at a slower pace    2021/01/08 Streaming Live "AI and cinema: between fantasy, science fiction and anticipations of the future"    2021/01/07 Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of NY: Luxury Summit 2021    2021/01/07 President Pozza: Companies that invest in digital are already looking to the future of their own business.    2021/01/05 The journey begins – 2021 is the European Year of Rail!    2021/01/05 Le Plan d’investissement pour l’Europe soutient des entreprises espagnoles touchées par la pandémie de COVID-19    2021/01/05 State aid: Commission approves €120 million Greek support to compensate Aegean Airlines for damages suffered due to coronavirus outbreak    2021/01/05 State aid: Commission approves €2.9 billion Polish scheme to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in context of coronavirus outbreak    2021/01/05 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of Pester Marketing by Phillips 66 and Fortress Investment Group    2021/01/05 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of the Romanian assets of ČEZ by MIRA    2021/01/05 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of GETRAG FORD Transmissions by Ford    2021/01/05 Aide d'État: la Commission approuve une aide italienne de 73 millions d'euros visant à indemniser Alitalia pour les dommages encore subis en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus    2021/01/05 EU and China reach agreement in principle on investment    2020/12/17 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company E.L.T. English Language Trainers - Di Simona Gabri & C. S.A.S.    2020/12/17 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Cartorange SRL    2020/12/17 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Zerbetto Antonio SRLS    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Atelier Silvana    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Nethix S.r.l.    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Midimedia    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Grc Italia SRL    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Sital Klima Industries S.R.L.    2020/12/16 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Falmec Spa    2020/12/01 Venetodotcom: welcome to the company Baggio Forniture Tecniche Sas    2020/02/10 #trevisobellunotourism The Sena Theatre and Belluno City Theatre    2020/02/12 #trevisobellunotourism Titian’s birthplace    2019/11/27 The column Sapori del Territorio has been updated    2019/04/11 Commercial interchange Treviso - Belluno towards Israel    2020/04/23 Coronavirus: EU supports Member States dealing with the impact of the pandemic on the sport sector    2020/02/19 Trevisobellunosystem: the new section to visit Treviso and Belluno    2020/02/18 Treviso and Belluno Tourism    2018/12/03 Enjoy your holidays in Belluno!    2019/12/30 How to get to Cortina from Treviso    2019/12/30 Getting to Cortina has never been so easy    2019/12/20 Come to discover the new section of schools in Treviso and Belluno    2019/11/14 #trevisobellunotourism Palazzo Minucci De Carlo, the historic residence of the Flying spy    2019/12/11 紫菊苣(Radicchio)    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Tenuta Baron    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Gvintage snc    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Rudy Project spa    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Falegnameria Fadel    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company MTIBIM srl    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Cesaro Tecnologie snc    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company SB di Bertoldo Giorgio    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Confezioni Sartena snc    2019/11/08 Toni Benetton: a sculptor with a special tie with iron    2019/12/13 意大利东北部的特雷维索科内利亚诺家电行业地区    2019/09/10 特雷维索木制家具行业地区    2019/09/10 意大利东北部威尼托大区特雷维索省的阿索洛和蒙特贝卢纳运动服行业地区    2019/07/08 #Prosecco#hills #Conegliano#Valdobbiadene#Unesco#Worlheritage. A big day for #Italy    2019/11/27 Come to discover the regional network of schools in Treviso and Belluno    2019/11/06 #trevisobellunotourism Cima da Conegliano: the poet of landscapes    2019/11/05 #trevisobellunotourism Vittorio Veneto, the city of Music    2019/11/04 #trevisobellunotourism Antonio Canova one of the most important sculptors in the history of art    2019/10/31 #trevisobellunotourism Your gentle journey around the Palladian heritage    2019/10/30 #trevisobellunotourism Come to Riese to discover Pope Pius X's origins    2019/10/25 #trevisobellunotourism Giorgione: The glamorous mystery man of the Renaissance    2019/10/24 #trevisobellunotourism Arturo Martini: a long-standing friendship with the artist Gino Rossi    2019/10/23 #trevisobellunotourism Travel around the 'courteous city' of Treviso: the information you need to get around Treviso during your visit    2019/08/05 意大利北部威尼托大区的贝卢诺眼镜工业区    2019/08/05 普罗塞克葡萄酒    2019/05/08 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Casarin s.r.l.    2019/05/08 Bezirk des Brillensektors von Belluno    2019/04/29 Haushaltsgeräte und Edelstahl von Conegliano und Treviso    2019/04/16 Copyright reform clears final hurdle: Commission welcomes approval of modernised rules fit for digital age    2019/04/15 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Mushroom Sas    2019/04/01 Join us TONIGHT for the annual SIEF fundraising!    2019/03/28 Holz- und Einrichtungsindustrie Bezirk Trevisos    2019/03/28 Trevisobellunosystem    2019/03/28 Просекко    2019/03/18 Sportsystembezirk von Asolo und Montebelluna (In der Provinz Treviso, Region Veneto)    2019/03/08 Cycling in the Venice Garden ist ITB Berlin    2019/02/27 Trevisobellunosystem: Inhalte auch auf Deutsch    2019/02/07 Unioncamere Veneto inaugurates the new premises in Bruxelles at Veneto Region’s Headquarters    2019/02/27 Tbdotcom: the community of Treviso and Belluno companies in the Web    2019/02/25 DAS PROSECCO SYSTEM    2019/02/27 BIT - Internationaler Tourismus – Börse    2019/02/08 Präsentation Trevisobellunosystem Trevisobellunosystem (Тревизобеллуносистем)    2018/11/15 The Chamber of Commerce and the tourism systems for Cortina 2021 and Olympic bid 2026    2018/05/17 2016 – 2018 New corporate identity and website of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce    2018/03/23 Pozza: full support to the proposal of Governor Zaia for the candidacy for 2026 Winter Olympic Games.    2017/11/15 An indoor market in the Treviso city center, in the spaces of the Chamber of Commerce. Mario Pozza: the Chamber of Commerce is the real house of the companies. A unique project in Italy.    2018/01/10 Removing illegal content online: Commission calls for more efforts and faster progress from all sides    2017/12/04 A gateway to knowledge on health: a tool to facilitate the implementation of health policies    2017/11/24 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Generalfilter Italia s.p.a.    2017/11/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Caner Marcello Cornici . Herzlich Willkommen an dem Unternehmen:Caner Marcello Cornici    2017/11/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company My.B - Herzlich Willkommen an dem Unternehmen: My.B    2017/11/16 Safeguard of Made in Italy agri-food through origin and labelling” conference. AGRI-FOOD MAFIA, THE REPORT ABOUT THE AGRI-FOOD CRIMES IN ITALY. Friday, November 24th    2017/11/03 Demography of enterprises in Treviso and Belluno Provinces until September 30th, 2017    2017/10/27 The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce invests 420 thousand Euros in culture and tourism in 2017.    2015/11/05 Italy’s Economic Outlook    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company NeuroWebDesign Srl    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Selina    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Azienda Agricola Conte Collalto    2017/09/13 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Isoplam srl    2017/09/13 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company DUCA di DOLLE Società Agricola S.S.    2017/09/12 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio S.r.l.    2017/09/07 Customs Union: EU customs seized over 41 million fake goods at EU borders last year    2017/09/07 Endocrine disruptors: adoption of scientific criteria for biocides    2017/07/26 Enterprises’ demography in Treviso and Belluno Provinces in II quarter 2017. Comment of the Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza    2017/07/27 Migration: Renewed support for Italy and a record month for relocation    2017/03/01 President Mario Pozza elected within the members of the Council of Assocamerestero, association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad    2015/05/21 Reports explore potential impact of new origin labelling for certain foods    2015/05/13 Managing migration better in all aspects: A European Agenda on Migration    2015/05/11 Bank of Italy : The Italian economy in brief, No. 97 - May 2015    2015/04/22 Commission report shows that SMEs stand to make significant gains from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US    2015/04/21 Bank of Italy: Economic Bulletiin    2015/04/10 EU Solidarity Fund: €66.5 million for Bulgaria, Italy and Romania after severe flooding    2015/04/09 State aid: Commission approves three aid schemes for the French aviation sector    2015/04/09 The EU remains the world's largest aid donor in 2014    2015/03/30 EUROSTAT: Labour costs in the EU - Hourly labour costs ranged from €3.8 to €40.3 across the EU Member States in 2014, lowest in Bulgaria, highest in Denmark    2015/03/27 Italsko-česká obchodní a průmyslová komora - CAMIC. Bio již není výstředností    2015/03/25 Bank of Italy. The Italian economy in brief    2015/03/18 EUROSTAT: Fourth quarter of 2014 compared with third quarter of 2014; Employment up by 0.1% in euro area and by 0.2% in EU28; +0.9% and +1.0% respectively compared with the fourth quarter of 2013    2015/03/12 Commission welcomes European Parliament vote to cap interchange fees and improve competition for card-based payments    2015/03/12 Council of the EU decides to publish mandate for Trade in Services Agreement    2015/03/12 Investment Plan for Europe: Italy to contribute €8 billion    2015/03/05 Commissioner Violeta Bulc speaking at the European Shipping Week Conference    2015/03/02 Registro delle imprese: An institutional source and guaranteed by law.    2015/01/23 ECB announces a modification to the interest rate applicable to future targeted longer-term refinancing operations    2015/01/22 Making the Single Market Work    2015/01/21 The proportion of innovative enterprises fell below 50% in the EU in 2010-2012    2014/11/13 Factors influencing industrial competitiveness in the EU    2014/10/16 ECB Governing Council meeting in Naples, Dinner Speech by Ignazio Visco    2014/10/16 ECB report details structural changes in the euro area banking sector    2014/10/02 Traffic lights labeling - 1st step infringement against UK    2014/09/29 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Moldova join COSME, the EU’s financing programme for small and medium-sized enterprises    2014/09/25 Promotion for Veneto candidacy to host Tour de France Grand Départ started in Padua at the International Bike Show.    2014/08/01 Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg agree on the need for Europe to push on digital innovation    2014/07/23 @COSME: the European Commission and the European Investment Fund sign agreement which will boost funding opportunities for SMEs. #Ferdinando Nelli Feroci    2014/06/20 CAMERA DI COMMERCIO: DAL 2015 SOSTEGNO ALL’ECONOMIA ANNULATO. #conlecameredicommercio    2014/05/23 Integrated Rating the project for evaluation of the companies’ creditworthiness. Ca’ Foscari University Campus in Treviso and Treviso Chamber of Commerce.#conlecameredicommercio    2013/01/10 Treviso is very closed to Venice: you just take 30 minutes to reach it by car or train    2013/01/14 In the Veneto region, north-east of Italy, there is a landscape rich in enchanting villas and buildings, attractive places for Italian and international business tourism.    2013/01/16 Radicchio Rosso di Treviso. Treviso is world known for the Radicchio Rosso Trevigiano production.    2011/04/14 Beyond The Crisis: The advantages of entrepreneurship    2011/03/25 Beyond The Crisis: Advantages brought by human capital improvement    2010/12/29 Beyond The Crisis: Human capital, the priority factor to ride out the crisis    2010/12/20 Beyond The Crisis: Riding out the crisis...with productivity factors    2010/11/25 Beyond the crisis   

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