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2020/05/19 Les lauréats du Prix de littérature de l'Union européenne pour 2020    2020/05/18 State aid: Commission approves €500 million Belgian guarantee scheme to support internationally active companies affected by the coronavirus outbreak    2020/05/18 State aid: Commission approves €9 million Italian State aid to promote shift of freight transport from road to rail in Genoa following collapse of Morandi bridge    2020/05/11 Statement by President VON DER LEYEN on the recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court    2020/04/24 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Garsport    2020/04/23 Coronavirus: EU supports Member States dealing with the impact of the pandemic on the sport sector    2020/04/23 Coronavirus: Commission proposes €3 billion macro-financial assistance package to support ten neighbouring countries    2020/04/21 EU Single Market: Making it easier to sell a product in another Member State    2020/04/21 Agriculture: Geographical Indications – a European treasure worth €75 billion    2020/04/20 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: GAERNE    2020/04/20 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: Fondoplastico    2020/04/20 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company f.lli sperandio g. & v. snc    2020/04/20 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Eleveit    2020/04/17 Coronavirus: Guidance to ensure full data protection standards of apps fighting the pandemic    2020/04/17 State aid: Commission approves €770 million Bulgarian employment aid scheme for preserving jobs in sectors most affected by the coronavirus outbreak    2020/04/17 State aid: Commission approves Czech scheme of up to €37 million to support investments in the production of coronavirus-relevant products    2020/04/17 State aid: Commission approves prolongation and modification of the French “Fonds de solidarité” scheme for small enterprises in temporary financial difficulties due to coronavirus outbreak    2020/04/10 Coronavirus: Commission Statement on consulting Member States on proposal to further expand State aid Temporary Framework to recapitalisation measures    2020/04/08 Mergers: Commission clears the creation of a home entertainment joint venture between Warner Bros and Universal    2020/04/08 Coronavirus: EU Medical Corps deployed to Italy    2020/04/08 State aid: Commission approves €790 million Croatian guarantee scheme for companies with export activities affected by coronavirus outbreak    2020/04/02 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Barbasso    2020/04/01 A letter from our President about Covid-19    2020/03/26 State aid: Commission approves German direct grant scheme to support companies affected by coronavirus outbreak    2020/03/26 Coronavirus: Harmonised standards for medical devices to respond to urgent needs    2020/03/26 College meeting:The European Commission announces two Director-Generals for the departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs    2020/03/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Bevande Futuriste    2020/03/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company To be Plus    2020/03/20 Extension of Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, Horizon 2020 and EIC Accelerator deadlines for submission of applications    2020/03/20 COVID-19: European Union continues repatriation efforts of citizens to Europe    2020/03/19 Chamber of Commerce Treviso - Belluno Dolomites and Italy America Chamber of New York Joint press release The World Convention in Treviso has been able to create strong alliances that are now even stronger in the #coronavirus emergency. We will work together with the worldwide network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad to relaunch the Italian economy.    2020/03/18 COVID-19: Commission launches European team of scientific experts to strengthen EU coordination and medical response    2020/03/18 Pozza: we are there and we work with you to make sure everything goes well    2020/03/17 Coronavirus: Kommission bietet CureVac, einem Hersteller innovativer Impfstoffe, Finanzierung an    2020/03/17 Coronavirus: Commission offers financing to innovative vaccines company CureVac    2020/03/13 European Innovation Council pilot supports 107 visionary ideas of start-ups, SMEs and researchers    2020/03/10 Commission welcomes expert group reports on EU taxonomy and the EU Green Bond Standard    2020/03/05 The Commission has reached a landmark agreement with #Airbnb, #Booking, #Expedia Group and #Tripadvisor on data sharing.    2020/03/05 EU boosts financing for Italian SMEs with €30 million from European Investment Fund    2020/03/05 COVID-19: EU and industry to fund more research through Innovative Medicines Initiative    2020/03/05 President von der Leyen and Vice-President Schinas in Greece, HR/VP Borrell and Commissioner Lenarčič in Turkey    2020/02/19 Trevisobellunosystem: the new section to visit Treviso and Belluno    2020/03/03 IACCinform March Newsletter    2020/02/28 APRIL 19-22, 2020 CONFIRMED. Veronafiere has confirmed the dates for the 54th edition of Vinitaly, which will take place as scheduled from April 19 - 22, 2020.    2020/02/28 Concentrations : La Commission autorise l’acquisition du contrôle exclusif de Cérélia par Ardian    2020/02/28 Olive oil: EU’s support scheme contributes to alleviate pressure on market    2020/02/28 10th Commission-to-Commission meeting in Addis Ababa: President von der Leyen highlights importance of the EU-AU partnership    2020/02/28 Major European financial infrastructures join forces against cyber threats    2020/02/27 EU mobilises €10 million more to respond to severe Desert Locust outbreak in East Africa    2020/02/24 COVID-19: EU working on all fronts, €232 million for global efforts to tackle outbreak    2020/02/19 Opening of a new CCIA Chicago desk in Milan    2020/02/19 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company New Door S.r.l.    2020/02/17 Joint Statement by Commissioner for Crisis Management Lenarčič and Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Eriksson    2020/02/18 Treviso and Belluno Tourism    2020/02/17 Mergers: Commission clears the creation of a joint venture by Eni and CDP Equity    2020/02/17 Concentrations : la Commission autorise l'acquisition de Agilitas Group par Proman et Gilde    2020/02/17 Seville increases availability of social housing with Investment Plan support    2020/02/17 463 milliards d'euros d'investissements désormais mobilisés sous le Plan d’investissement pour l’Europe    2020/02/17 Seminar Focus Singapore, tomorrow in Padua    2020/02/11 CCI Mendoza: bollettino di fiere ed eventi 2020 in Italia    2020/02/11 NYU Career Fair for Italian Students and Companies, April 16, from 3.00 pm    2020/02/07 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Al Vecchio Forno di De Col Remo & C. S.A.S.    2020/02/10 Japan Olive Oil Prize in Tokyo on April 7-10    2020/02/06 HIP – Hospitality Innovation Planet, 24-26 febbraio 2020, Madrid    2020/02/05 2nd Annual International Specialty Food Summit, March 11, Philadelphia    2020/02/04 Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce & Industry invites you to HOMI Fashion & Jewels 2020    2020/02/03 Cavalleria Rusticana at Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Thursday, February 6    2020/02/03 Forum Industrial R&D in Space and Market Leaders and Space Start Ups’ Innovation Day, 13 February, Thursday    2020/01/31 Our new programs for 2020    2020/01/30 Italian-american tribute to Kobe Bryant by the Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles    2018/12/03 Enjoy your holidays in Belluno!    2019/12/09 USA ITALIA - FOOD    2019/12/30 How to get to Cortina from Treviso    2020/01/02 January 2020: Aperitivo della Camera in Tokyo    2019/12/30 Getting to Cortina has never been so easy    2019/12/17 President Pozza: Today we present the new homepage of our Trevisobellunosystem website available in Chinese.    2019/12/16 President Pozza: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year-特雷维索、贝卢诺|多洛米蒂山峰商会会长Mario Pozza: 恭祝圣诞,并贺新禧    2019/10/30 #2019WorldConvention - 28th Worldwide Convention of Italian Chambers Of Commerce Abroad, 2019. Treviso - Venice - Padua    2019/12/20 Come to discover the new section of schools in Treviso and Belluno    2019/10/24 Pozza shares with the president Zaia the new chamber strategies for the Veneto Region    2019/10/27 President Pozza meets the President of Cortina 2021 and 21 Invest Alessandro Benetton ahead of the 28th Worldwide Convention.    2019/12/05 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Claudio Tonello srl    2019/12/06 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: MAGLIERIA MASO S.A.S. di De Noni Moreno & C.    2019/11/14 #trevisobellunotourism Palazzo Minucci De Carlo, the historic residence of the Flying spy    2019/12/11 紫菊苣(Radicchio)    2019/11/27 Cortina 2021: The Dolomites, a reference model for environmental sustainability    2019/11/22 President Pozza meets the members of Parliament from Veneto to put forward the new planning for the agenda 2021-2027    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Tenuta Baron    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Gvintage snc    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Rudy Project spa    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Falegnameria Fadel    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company MTIBIM srl    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Cesaro Tecnologie snc    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company SB di Bertoldo Giorgio    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Confezioni Sartena snc    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Pret a Porter s.a.s di Zardo Catia & C.    2019/12/17 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Canzian Lisa    2019/11/08 Toni Benetton: a sculptor with a special tie with iron    2019/12/16 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Eredi Tessitura La Colombina di Colombo Giuseppe    2019/12/16 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Le Mie Favole srl    2019/12/16 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: Styling Marya    2019/12/16 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: Lo Scrigno S.A.S. di Durante Sara e C.    2019/12/16 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: Roberto Industria Alimentare s.r.l.    2019/12/13 意大利东北部的特雷维索科内利亚诺家电行业地区    2019/09/10 特雷维索木制家具行业地区    2019/09/10 意大利东北部威尼托大区特雷维索省的阿索洛和蒙特贝卢纳运动服行业地区    2019/07/08 #Prosecco#hills #Conegliano#Valdobbiadene#Unesco#Worlheritage. A big day for #Italy    2019/12/09 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Maglificio Girardi Felicita    2019/12/09 Tbdotcom data updates from companies: Favole srl    2019/11/12 Natura in posa. 30 November 2019 / 31 May 2020    2019/12/05 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Nicola pelliccerie    2019/12/02 Roaming market review: use of mobile phones abroad has surged since end of EU roaming charges    2019/12/02 EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation: €200 million for microfinance institutions and social enterprise lenders across Europe    2019/12/02 A European fund to support the circular bioeconomy    2019/12/02 Vice-President Schinas, Commissioner Johansson and Commissioner Reynders take part in the meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers    2019/11/28 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company PERENZIN LATTERIA S.R.L    2019/11/28 New Year Kick-off: an opportunity to meet and network with fellow members in New York on 30th January 2020    2019/10/31 EU boosts humanitarian assistance following floods in Horn of Africa    2019/10/31 COLLEGE MEETING: European Commission strengthens its senior management by appointing 5 directors    2019/11/27 Come to discover the regional network of schools in Treviso and Belluno    2019/11/27 The column Sapori del Territorio has been updated    2019/11/25 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Wild in the Dolomiti di Santin Fabrizio    2019/10/31 Commission notifies the Republic of Ecuador over the need to step up action to fight illegal fishing    2019/10/31 COLLEGE MEETING: European Commission appoints principal advisers to its departments for agriculture, financial services, trade and its Regulatory Scrutiny Board    2019/10/31 COLLEGE MEETING: Union de la sécurité: des progrès importants ont été accomplis et des résultats tangibles ont été obtenus au cours des dernières années, mais les efforts doivent se poursuivre    2019/11/06 #trevisobellunotourism Cima da Conegliano: the poet of landscapes    2019/11/05 #trevisobellunotourism Vittorio Veneto, the city of Music    2019/11/04 #trevisobellunotourism Antonio Canova one of the most important sculptors in the history of art    2019/10/31 Migration légale: la Commission retire son recours contre la Belgique pour non-transposition de la directive sur les travailleurs saisonniers non européens    2019/10/31 Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of NGA Human Resources by Blackstone    2019/10/31 Counter-Terrorism: The Commission to sign an arrangement with Kosovo as part of Joint Action Plan for the Western Balkans    2019/10/31 EU approves €150 million disbursement in Macro-Financial Assistance to Tunisia    2019/10/31 #trevisobellunotourism Your gentle journey around the Palladian heritage    2019/10/31 9th November 2019: Italian Wine Course in Bengaluru, India    2019/10/30 31 October 2019: True Italian Taste, a unique event focusing on food innovation    2019/10/30 #trevisobellunotourism Come to Riese to discover Pope Pius X's origins    2019/10/25 #trevisobellunotourism Giorgione: The glamorous mystery man of the Renaissance    2019/10/25 12 November 2019: Autumn Chambering Event    2019/10/24 #trevisobellunotourism Arturo Martini: a long-standing friendship with the artist Gino Rossi    2019/10/21 President Pozza meets the President of Tecnica Group for the graphic design of the 28th Worldwide Convention    2019/10/23 #trevisobellunotourism Travel around the 'courteous city' of Treviso: the information you need to get around Treviso during your visit    2019/10/17 Treviso Airport Shuttle Bus: an efficient and reliable transport service-特雷维索机场巴士:一个很方便的交通工具。    2019/10/15 On Thursday, October 24 the next Aperitivo della Camera will be held in Tokyo    2019/03/26 Copyright reform: the Commission welcomes European Parliament's vote in favour of modernised rules fit for digital age    2019/08/05 意大利北部威尼托大区的贝卢诺眼镜工业区    2019/08/05 Summer 2019!    2019/08/05 普罗塞克葡萄酒    2019/07/26 ECB adopts opinion on appointment of its future President    2019/05/08 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Casarin s.r.l.    2019/05/08 Bezirk des Brillensektors von Belluno    2019/04/29 Haushaltsgeräte und Edelstahl von Conegliano und Treviso    2019/04/16 Copyright reform clears final hurdle: Commission welcomes approval of modernised rules fit for digital age    2019/04/15 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Mushroom Sas    2019/04/10 Speech of the President of the Chamber of Commerce MarioPozza    2019/03/11 Legality: companies like credit ratings, in half a year more than 80% of companies with the “morality stars”. A document of Unioncamere demonstrates it.    2019/04/01 Join us TONIGHT for the annual SIEF fundraising!    2019/03/28 Holz- und Einrichtungsindustrie Bezirk Trevisos    2019/03/28 Legalität: Die Firmen mögen das Rating, in eineinhalb Jahren 80% mehr Firmen mit den “Moralitätssternen”. Ein Dokument von Unioncamere zeigt das.    2019/03/28 Trevisobellunosystem    2019/03/28 Просекко    2019/03/18 Sportsystembezirk von Asolo und Montebelluna (In der Provinz Treviso, Region Veneto)    2019/03/08 EU Budget: Commission welcomes provisional agreement for funding high-performance infrastructure to better connect Europeans    2019/03/08 Cycling in the Venice Garden ist ITB Berlin    2019/03/05 REGION VENETIEN: DIE ANZAHL DER INVESTIERENDEN UNTERNEHMEN SINKT ABER DER INVESTITIONSWERT STEIGT. VORSICHT FÜR DAS JAHR 2019    2019/02/27 Trevisobellunosystem: Inhalte auch auf Deutsch    2019/02/07 Unioncamere Veneto inaugurates the new premises in Bruxelles at Veneto Region’s Headquarters    2019/02/27 Tbdotcom: the community of Treviso and Belluno companies in the Web    2019/02/25 DAS PROSECCO SYSTEM    2019/02/27 BIT - Internationaler Tourismus – Börse    2019/02/22 EU Budget for 2021-2027: Commission welcomes Member States' position on InvestEU    2019/02/14 European Commission adopts new list of third countries with weak anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regimes    2019/02/11 Begutachtungsverfahren zu den Entwürfen zu den geplante Verordnungen des Landeshauptmannes    2019/02/08 Präsentation Trevisobellunosystem Trevisobellunosystem (Тревизобеллуносистем)    2018/11/15 The Chamber of Commerce and the tourism systems for Cortina 2021 and Olympic bid 2026    2018/05/17 2016 – 2018 New corporate identity and website of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce    2018/03/23 Pozza: full support to the proposal of Governor Zaia for the candidacy for 2026 Winter Olympic Games.    2017/11/15 An indoor market in the Treviso city center, in the spaces of the Chamber of Commerce. Mario Pozza: the Chamber of Commerce is the real house of the companies. A unique project in Italy.    2018/01/10 Removing illegal content online: Commission calls for more efforts and faster progress from all sides    2017/12/04 A gateway to knowledge on health: a tool to facilitate the implementation of health policies    2017/11/24 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Generalfilter Italia s.p.a.    2017/11/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Caner Marcello Cornici . Herzlich Willkommen an dem Unternehmen:Caner Marcello Cornici    2017/11/23 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company My.B - Herzlich Willkommen an dem Unternehmen: My.B    2017/11/16 Safeguard of Made in Italy agri-food through origin and labelling” conference. AGRI-FOOD MAFIA, THE REPORT ABOUT THE AGRI-FOOD CRIMES IN ITALY. Friday, November 24th    2017/11/03 Demography of enterprises in Treviso and Belluno Provinces until September 30th, 2017    2017/10/27 The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce invests 420 thousand Euros in culture and tourism in 2017.    2015/11/05 Italy’s Economic Outlook    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company NeuroWebDesign Srl    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Selina    2017/10/31 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Azienda Agricola Conte Collalto    2017/09/13 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Isoplam srl    2017/09/13 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company DUCA di DOLLE Società Agricola S.S.    2017/09/12 Tbdotcom: welcome to the company Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio S.r.l.    2017/09/07 Customs Union: EU customs seized over 41 million fake goods at EU borders last year    2017/09/07 Endocrine disruptors: adoption of scientific criteria for biocides    2017/07/26 Enterprises’ demography in Treviso and Belluno Provinces in II quarter 2017. Comment of the Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza    2017/07/27 Migration: Renewed support for Italy and a record month for relocation    2017/03/01 President Mario Pozza elected within the members of the Council of Assocamerestero, association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad    2015/05/21 Reports explore potential impact of new origin labelling for certain foods    2015/05/13 Managing migration better in all aspects: A European Agenda on Migration    2015/05/11 Bank of Italy : The Italian economy in brief, No. 97 - May 2015    2015/04/22 Commission report shows that SMEs stand to make significant gains from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US    2015/04/21 Bank of Italy: Economic Bulletiin    2015/04/10 EU Solidarity Fund: €66.5 million for Bulgaria, Italy and Romania after severe flooding    2015/04/09 State aid: Commission approves three aid schemes for the French aviation sector    2015/04/09 The EU remains the world's largest aid donor in 2014    2015/03/30 EUROSTAT: Labour costs in the EU - Hourly labour costs ranged from €3.8 to €40.3 across the EU Member States in 2014, lowest in Bulgaria, highest in Denmark    2015/03/27 Italsko-česká obchodní a průmyslová komora - CAMIC. Bio již není výstředností    2015/03/25 Bank of Italy. The Italian economy in brief    2015/03/18 EUROSTAT: Fourth quarter of 2014 compared with third quarter of 2014; Employment up by 0.1% in euro area and by 0.2% in EU28; +0.9% and +1.0% respectively compared with the fourth quarter of 2013    2015/03/12 Commission welcomes European Parliament vote to cap interchange fees and improve competition for card-based payments    2015/03/12 Council of the EU decides to publish mandate for Trade in Services Agreement    2015/03/12 Investment Plan for Europe: Italy to contribute €8 billion    2015/03/05 Commissioner Violeta Bulc speaking at the European Shipping Week Conference    2015/03/02 Registro delle imprese: An institutional source and guaranteed by law.    2015/01/23 ECB announces a modification to the interest rate applicable to future targeted longer-term refinancing operations    2015/01/22 Making the Single Market Work    2015/01/21 The proportion of innovative enterprises fell below 50% in the EU in 2010-2012    2014/11/13 Factors influencing industrial competitiveness in the EU    2014/10/16 ECB Governing Council meeting in Naples, Dinner Speech by Ignazio Visco    2014/10/16 ECB report details structural changes in the euro area banking sector    2014/10/02 Traffic lights labeling - 1st step infringement against UK    2014/09/29 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Moldova join COSME, the EU’s financing programme for small and medium-sized enterprises    2014/09/25 Promotion for Veneto candidacy to host Tour de France Grand Départ started in Padua at the International Bike Show.    2014/08/01 Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg agree on the need for Europe to push on digital innovation    2014/07/23 @COSME: the European Commission and the European Investment Fund sign agreement which will boost funding opportunities for SMEs. #Ferdinando Nelli Feroci    2014/06/20 CAMERA DI COMMERCIO: DAL 2015 SOSTEGNO ALL’ECONOMIA ANNULATO. #conlecameredicommercio    2014/05/23 Integrated Rating the project for evaluation of the companies’ creditworthiness. Ca’ Foscari University Campus in Treviso and Treviso Chamber of Commerce.#conlecameredicommercio    2013/01/10 Treviso is very closed to Venice: you just take 30 minutes to reach it by car or train    2013/01/14 In the Veneto region, north-east of Italy, there is a landscape rich in enchanting villas and buildings, attractive places for Italian and international business tourism.    2013/01/16 Radicchio Rosso di Treviso. Treviso is world known for the Radicchio Rosso Trevigiano production.    2011/04/14 Beyond The Crisis: The advantages of entrepreneurship    2011/03/25 Beyond The Crisis: Advantages brought by human capital improvement    2010/12/29 Beyond The Crisis: Human capital, the priority factor to ride out the crisis    2010/12/20 Beyond The Crisis: Riding out the crisis...with productivity factors    2010/11/25 Beyond the crisis   

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