Only half of Europeans know emergency number 112: Commission takes action to inform young people

Economia - pubblicata il 12 Febbraio 2016

Source: European Commission Spokesperson’s Service

Today, 11 February is the European 112 Day, a day aimed at raising
public awareness of Europe’s emergency number, 112. With this free-to-call number, people across Europe can immediately reach the local police, ambulance or fire services. The 112 number was
introduced 25 years ago, yet a survey shows that only 48% of EU citizens know that 112 is the emergency number to call in all Member States. Differences also remain between EU countries (Poland and
Luxembourg having the highest awareness levels with 83% and 80%, respectively). This is why the Commission pursues its efforts to inform Europeans, especially the youngest ones, and is reaching out
this year to the Erasmus+ network to enlist its support. Commissioner
Oettinger, in charge of the Digital Economy and Society, and Commissioner Navracsics, responsible for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, said: “112 became the
single European emergency number a generation ago. It is especially important that young people – who increasingly travel, study or work across borders – know the number that can save lives across
the EU. We urge all those involved in the Erasmus+ programme to help spread the message about 112.”

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