Webinar Space Factories | 4th May

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Eventi - pubblicata il 25 Maggio 2021

Source: The Israel Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry press office
On the 4th of May, we hosted the web conference Space Factories, Emerging applications on space stations.
We talked about #🔬 #research, #👩‍🚀 #spaceindustry #dido3 #🚀 #spacestation #🛰 with an amazing group of speakers, Academy 👨‍🎓, Industry 👩‍🚒 and Government 🤵.
We hosted Italian Space Agency, Israel Space Agency, Kayser Italia Srl, SpacePharma, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Università degli studi Roma TRE, Università degli Studi di
Napoli Federico II, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Aleph Farms, Remilk, Helios, Nanoracks LLC Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Assocamerestero.
The new frontier of space is passing through the use of space structures, satellites, space stations and in the near future also planetary outposts, for the realization of industrial applications
and productions. Space will not only be connected to explorations and observations of the universe; satellites will not only be used for communications and Earth observation, but the orbiting
structures will become real factories for industrial production. The conditions of microgravity, the absence of atmosphere, the unlimited availability of solar energy, are among the unique
conditions that make extraterrestrial space the frontier of the new gold rush.
The webinar Space factories. Emerging applications on space stations examined the state of the art of this new trend in the framework of the joint binational space activities of Italy and
Israel, which have a long and fruitful history of collaboration, mainly through agreements between the two respective space agencies, ASI and ISA. The online event was an opportunity to review
the latest joint project, DIDO-3, which implemented four experiments on a microsatellite, and to look at the future prospects in industrial applications. Another key issue, linked to the
development of suitable conditions for long interplanetary missions, was the production of food as one of the main fields of experimentation for industrial applications in space. Space Agencies,
scientists, space industries, and start-ups from Italy and Israel took part and contributed to the meeting.

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