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acquavite s.p.a. - r. castagner acquaviti
会社名 acquavite s.p.a. - r. castagner acquaviti
住所 Via Bosco 43
frazione: visnà di vazzola
リンク www.robertocastagner.it
Email info@robertocastagner.it
電話 0438 793811
Fax 0438 794889
業種 製造  販売  サービス  
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品目 食料品、飲料
Tradition teaches us that the production of good grappa requires a great primary ingredient, the grape marc or pomace, as well as a good still and a Master distiller. This is the basic recipe to produce grappa. Nowadays, through research and experience, we have a complete understanding of the importance of fresh grape skins and the many different varieties of grape, which we smoke as part of our unique production process. Another quality factor is the use of a proper still, made from copper as well as other materials such as glass or gold. Our experience means we now have complete control of the distillation method, even using computers to support the process. This innovative method of production, combined with the traditional culture of grappa-making, has resulted in a high quality product, able to satisfy a new generation with its flavour/bouquet and its taste. The Castagner distillery is proud to have developed the grappa system and to have treated the grape marc with our smoking process, which is used to produce Torba Nera and Torba Rossa. The distillery has also developed the fractionated/discontinuous distillation technique, which is used for the creation of unique top distillates


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