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Ca de la Pasina Srl
会社名 Ca’ de la Pasina Srl
住所 Grande di San Giacomo 1
frazione: san giacomo di carbonera
リンク www.cadelapasina.it
Social Network www.facebook.com/cadelapasina/
Email info@cadelapasina.it
電話 +390422600120
Fax +390422600130
業種 製造  販売  サービス  
輸入  輸出 
品目 食料品、飲料
Jams are always ideal for a delicious breakfast, as well as for decorating and garnishing of lots of desserts such as pie, cakes, biscuits, puddings and baked fruits. They represent one of the most classic ingredients in confectionery, ice cream and yogurt. In addition, as the oldest Venetian tradition wants, they perfectly accompany many cheeses. And then there is the classic afternoon snack, made of bread, butter and jam. Believe us, with jams of Ca de La Pasina . you return a children! The sauce comes from the Latin salus (salty). It was meant to enrich the taste of the dish they match. Therefore, the wonderful world of sauces has always exalted the tasting, enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of the dishes.


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