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Karis S.r.l.
会社名 Karis S.r.l.
住所 Via Cal De Prade 87/89
リンク www.karis-srl.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/KARIS.SRL/
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/karis-srl/
Email info@karis-srl.com
電話 +39 0438 555468
業種 製造  販売  サービス  
輸入  輸出 
品目 建設、床張り、屋根、工事
Identity, origins and horizons For over 25 years Karis has stood for passion, quality and innovation in the glass sector. The very name of the company - from the Greek: grace and transparency - is a declaration of love for this extraordinary material, capable of making any environment bright, light, elegant. Making the most of the best characteristics of glass, at Karis we create customised solutions for doors and accessories, covering every field: sliding or hinged doors, folding systems, glazing, parapets... In addition, we create decorations of a high artistic level using different techniques to meet every need. The constant, almost maniacal search for detail is our trademark: every aspect, from the macro to the micro, is checked, proportioned, defined. The result is that each door, each plate, each design is a piece in itself, unique and customised. The solution you are looking for for your living or working environment.


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