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C.A.G. Srl - Tecnologie Meccaniche
会社名 C.A.G. Srl - Tecnologie Meccaniche
住所 Via Cavassito Inferiore 46/A
32028 Trichiana
リンク www.cag-castellan.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/CAG-Castellan-1745151982449542/
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/c-a-g/
Email info@cag-castellan.com
Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCk64xButdBAkg2K4sp0kmAw
電話 +39 0437555455
Fax +39 0437557168
業種 製造  販売  サービス  
輸入  輸出 
品目 その他のサービス
CAG Srl, with its efficient mechanic workshop is a company with over twenty years of experience in the field of industrial maintenance and mechanical manufacturing for third party.

Initially started as simple maintainer of machinery, CAG Srl has increased its business thanks to its activities as a specialized workshop, with traditional machine tools and CNC.

With the workshop and the trained and skilled personnel may in fact be executed a production of precision parts, manufactured on the customer's design or on drawings made ​​by technicians


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