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Klekoo S.r.l.
Название Klekoo S.r.l.
Адрес Viale della Repubblica 240
Ссылка www.klekoo.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/sitiwebtrevisoKlekoosrl
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/klekoo-srl/
Email info@klekoo.com
Youtube www.youtube.com/user/klekoosrl
Телефон +39 0422 493050
Вид деятельности Производство  Коммерция  Услуги 
Товарная группа Аппаратные средства, Программное обеспечение, Интернет-сообщение
Since 2001, we have been present and active in an extremely dynamic sector that is constantly changing. When we started out, there were no social networks, few had email, there was no online commerce, and the companies that invested in a site did so to be ahead of the game. Today, on the other hand, not being on the web means not existing. Investing in the web means growing. To be competitive, we must always be up-to-date, lively and proactive: foreseeing the future, new trends and proposing new and innovative solutions to customers. We are more than 20 years old and with a few white hairs, but we remain a young and lively company with great experience and competence.

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