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plastopiave s.r.l.
Название plastopiave s.r.l.
Адрес Via Luigi Manzoni 52
Ссылка www.plastopiave.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/plastopiave-srl
Email info@plastopiave.it
Телефон 0438 656311
Факс 0438 656390
Вид деятельности Производство  Коммерция  Услуги 
Товарная группа Химия, Резина, Пластмасса
In Conegliano, where the company was founded, we design and manufacture all our products in a 35,000 square meter facility that includes 20,000 square meters of production space. With over 180 employees, we are able to produce a wide range of bottles, jars and jerry cans for all major product sectors, also with a high degree of customization. Our offering of a complete product line has been further strengthened by the creation of a specific commercial company: PiQu sells caps, dispensers, sprays and trigger pumps, in line with the quality standards of Plastopiave products. More than 1000 products, 35,000 square meters 800,000 pieces at day, over 50 years of italian history

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