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Rch Group Spa
Название Rch Group Spa
Адрес Via Cendon 39
31057 SILEA
Ссылка www.rch.it
Social Network www.facebook.com/RCHelectronicCashRegister
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/rch-kassensysteme/
Email info@rch.it
Youtube www.youtube.com/user/RCHspa
Телефон +39 0422 3651
Факс +39 0422 365290
Вид деятельности Производство  Коммерция  Услуги 
Товарная группа Аппаратные средства, Программное обеспечение, Интернет-сообщение
Established in Treviso ITALY in 1969, the RCH organisation now includes over 400 Dealers and Service Centre, with some 800 authorised service engineers to provide installation and assistance throughout Italy, making RCH the countrys top name in Cash Registers. RCH is also one of the worldwide leader in the Electronic Fiscal Devices sector with its presence in Europe, Africa and America. The company made its first moves towards European internationalisation in 2001, and immediately established itself as leader in the development of high technology products with a stylish modern design content. In 2004 RCH began expanding into East Africa, consolidating its international position and extending its know-how in the development of products capable of complying with different fiscal regulations in different countries. Today, the RCH brand is a symbol of innovation, know-how, efficiency and style. Every new RCH product is designed to set new standards in the world of cash registers, anticipating market needs and introducing new functions and features. In pursuing these strategic objectives, RCH applies corporate values based on personal development through training and promotion, organisational excellence, quality and efficient processes. The Groups intelligent choices and speed of service have led to success on an incremental scale, and today, if you need to issue a receipt, you certainly need RCH!

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