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Facts&Figures: the economy of Treviso
Entrepreneurs cautiously more optimistic

16/10/2009 |  The mid-year survey on business sentiment, commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce and carried out by the Istituto Tagliacarne (set up by the Italian Chambers of Commerce), underlines increased confidence in spite of conflicting signals from the economy
The Veneto region slows: -0.5% in 2008

29/07/2009 |  The preview of the Report on regional economic situation was presented on 31st March
Costs of enterprises’ competitiveness

17/05/2006 |  The most competitive countries
Italian enterprises competitiveness

16/05/2006 |  This survey is included within the 2006 Report by Unioncamere
EU Enlargement

15/05/2006 |  Pros and cons for Veneto SMEs
Import-export situation

14/05/2006 |  Data analysis on first 2006 quarter
The consistency of active enterprises within Treviso province up to 31.03.2006

12/05/2006 |  Upgrading of data by Unioncamere based on Movimprese report
2005 Veneto Economic Trends and forecasts for 2006

11/05/2006 |  The annual Report realised by Veneto Unioncamere has been presented
First 2006 quarter trend in Treviso

11/05/2006 |  Recovery signs intercepted in the end of 2005 find full confirmation in the present survey
Minister Bersani, 510 thousand Veneto enterprises are waiting for a reply

10/05/2006 |  Veneto economic system priorities
Structural Aspects of the Provincial Supply System

09/05/2006 |  The Report on the supply system upgrades the analysis on the structural economic changes and the respective territorial characteristics
A podium for Italian Spumantes

07/05/2006 |  National level success for high quality wines
New enterprises registered in Treviso in 2004

15/05/2005 |  Data about enterprises confirm that in our economic system a metamorphosis is happening, but enterprises vitality is not disappearing
IGT Grape Certification - The Harvesting

14/05/2005 |  With the decree of the 21st November 1995 it happened the recognition of the local marks of origin
Excelsior Information Service

15/09/2004 |  The survey concerns the demand for subordinate employment
Manufacturing Industry Cyclical Survey

15/09/2004 |  Analysis of main results as of 1st quarter 2004