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The portal www.trevisobellunosystem.com is a project financed by the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce to present the economy of the province of Treviso and Belluno.

The portal is being developed by t2i s.c.a.r.l., the special agency for Innovation established in 1989 by Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce , aimed at promoting innovative technologies, certifying products and corporate systems, diffusing  know-how and competence, also through lifelong training and with particular attention to the recent, new professional positions that are emerging all over Europe.


trevisobellunosystem.com provides economic information about the province of Treviso from different points of view: information that can be useful for both companies – integral part of the territory – , and economic operators, associations, Italian and foreign professionals, who may want to invest in the province of Treviso and Belluno or just broaden their knowledge on it.

trevisobellunosystem aims to become a landmark to all those who, for professional and working reasons, for tourism or for simple curiosity, are interested in getting in touch with the reality of this area.

The portal trevisobellunosystem gathers information from websites and other sources, to make the search for products, companies and cooperation of the territory faster and more targeted.

Infrastructures, investments, university and high schools, sport are some of the issues dealt with, to easily inform the readers.

The portal is developed both in Italian and English languages, but some sections can be consulted also in Russian and Japanese, and a few news are available in Spanish too.

trevisobellunosystem carries out the double function of informing and promoting, being thus a showcase for the economy of the province as a whole and of its industrial clusters, also including single traders and their activities.

Moreover, it is aimed at supporting companies on the global market and helping them to be more competitive, through the services offered and constantly updated news.

It offers guarantee of quality, and an aid to orientation for all those who look for and develop economic networks on the Internet.


trevisobellunosystem is addressed to:
Economic operators, associations, enterprises, Italian and foreign professionals who are interested in the economic aspects related to the province of Treviso and Belluno.

Novelties developed as additional tools aimed to our foreign users during recent years include:

New projects have been scheduled for the next period.