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COVID-19: Commission welcomes Member States’ support to minimise traffic disruptions in the EU  

20/03/2020 | Economia |  Daily News 19 / 03 / 2020

Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service  

EU Transport Ministers, gathered in an informal videoconference meeting yesterday, reiterated their support to the Commission’s guidelines on border measures to ensure a smooth flow of essential goods, and maintain a coordinated approach. The list of actions presented by the Commission include the free movement of transport workers, ‘green corridors’ - priority lanes for freight transport, flexibility for rules on driving and rest times, and pre-notification of measures to the Commission. On 17 March, EU leaders had already expressed their support to measures aimed at protecting the proper functioning of the single market, especially for essential goods, and minimise disruption. The support expressed for these guidelines will facilitate measures ensuring that the flow of goods will continue in the EU. Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, said: “It is time for concrete measures and strong coordination between Member States and we agreed to designate national contact points for enhanced coordination. I have asked that essential ‘green corridors’ be established to preserve the free circulation of goods and people who need to cross borders. I have stressed the importance of protecting transport workers. I have offered all the Commission’s support in terms of the regulatory framework and financial instruments to help the transport industry, which has been hit hard in recent days, to recover. For example, we will be flexible so that no beneficiary from Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is penalised because of delays caused by the crisis. I very much appreciate the commitment of Transport Ministers shown today in applying the principle of solidarity.” More information is online.

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