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Coronavirus Global Response: EU Humanitarian Air Bridge and €70 million in additional aid for Yemen  

27/07/2020 | Economia | 

Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service

A new EU Humanitarian Air Bridge flight has departed from Liège, Belgium, with medical and other essential supplies to reinforce the humanitarian response in Yemen. In total, over 220 tons of critical items are being delivered to the most vulnerable Yemenis. It has been facilitated by the collaborative efforts of Sweden and the EU. This EU Humanitarian Air Bridge makes up for logistical challenges and restrictions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, since the usual supply lines have been seriously affected. In addition, the EU is allocating an additional €70 million to scale up assistance across Yemen, bringing its humanitarian support in 2020 to €115 million. Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management, said: This EU Air Bridge operation to Yemen is the largest of its kind since our flights to countries affected by the coronavirus. The EU operation and additional funding show the urgency of helping the people of Yemen in their hour of need. The rapid spread of the coronavirus in a country that is already dealing with the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, is adding another layer of suffering. Aid must get through today, not tomorrow. I urge all parties to the conflict to abide by their international obligation to grant unhindered access to impartial humanitarian aid organisations so they can help the people of Yemen. The EU’s Humanitarian Air Bridge to Yemen will transport urgent humanitarian cargo to both Aden and Sana’a and will run until early August.

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