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European Commission and United States sign cooperation arrangement on preparedness and response to public health threats  

14/06/2022 | Economia |  Daily News 09 / 06 / 2022

Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service  

Following the statement by President Ursula von der Leyen and U.S. President Joe Biden marking the second Global COVID-19 Summit, the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have signed an arrangement to strengthen cooperation on preparedness and response to public health threats. This will enable the Commission and the U.S. to work together on a broad range of topics to jointly tackle health emergencies, contributing to establishing a strong global health architecture. The transatlantic arrangement, signed on 19 May in Berlin, will be coordinated by the European Commission Health Emergency and Preparedness Response Authority (HERA) and the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety on the EU side and the Department of Health and Human Services on the U.S. side. As part of the arrangement, the European Commission and the U.S. will work together on epidemic and supply chain information, research and innovation, and production of medical countermeasures, including vaccines and therapeutics. The present administrative arrangement is a deliverable of the U.S.-EU Agenda for Beating the Global Pandemic, Vaccinating the World, Saving Lives Now, and Building Back Better Global Health Security. It is part of the joint actions announced in the 12 May statement reaffirming the Joint Agenda by President von der Leyen and President Biden on the occasion of the second global COVID-19 summit. It also complements the United States–European Commission Joint Statement on the launch of the joint COVID-19 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Taskforce. More information in the press release.

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