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06/09/2019 | Eventi |  12 September 2019: A journey to discover the unrivalled quality of Italian tailored elegance and celebrate the craft of true artisans, designers and creators.

Source: Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia-Melbourne


The “STORIES OF ITALIAN EXCELLENCE” series will take you this time on a journey to discover the unrivalled quality of Italian tailored elegance and celebrate the craft of true artisans, designers and creators.
The Bespoke Corner Tailors will open the doors of its Melbourne showroom exclusively to ICCI members and friends to celebrate its first anniversary.
You will have the chance to meet true masters of style, Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael, and be guided through the made-to-measure experience. You will learn nuanced insights in the evaluation of garments and high-quality handmade items (from fabrics, to stitching and buttons, from tie to bow) and understand the art of Bespoke tailors in finding the most appropriate style that matches your exacting taste, with exceptional care and personalised attention.
Celebrate a night of Italian design excellence with The Bespoke Corner Tailors, all accompanied by the finest Italian wines and the new arrival cask-aged Sardinia gin  from Enoteca Sileno and a grazing table of Italian delicacies from Cucinetta

Showcase your luxury suiting at ICCI Business Awards and Gala 2019!
Book your appointment with Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael on the night: Bespoke craftsmanship calls for an impeccably result!
You can dictate each element of your garments’ architecture – from lapels, pockets and cuffs, to fabrics, stitching, buttons and more. All to your complete satisfaction!
Your garments will be handcrafted to perfection in Tuscany by artisanal tailors using the finest fabrics in the world. Allow six weeks, from first fitting, to walking out with your completed suit.

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