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09/09/2019 | Eventi |  The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada is pleased to host and welcome three Italian companies from Veneto in Vancouver from September 24th-27th.

Source: Chamber of Commerce in Canada West

On the occasion of IDS – Interior Design Show, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada is pleased to host and welcome below three Italian companies in Vancouver from September 24th-27th.


The company works in the decorative lighting sector brand Italamp from Veneto, Italy.
Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for products’ quality and particular shapes.
Dedicated to the production of unique high-quality glass and crystal lighting and lamps that is suited for every space, the company always aims to elegance and preciousness thanks to selected and finely crafted materials.
In particular its history is characterized by a strong expertise of glass, from the most classical composition of its tradition, with a constant use of lead crystal, to more recent times, where new types of glass have been introduced.
Thanks to a flexible production, they are also reliable partners for the realization of lighting fixtures made to measure. Italamp collaborates with our customers in the development of custom lighting solutions ready to respond to the specific needs of residential spaces, as well as to the complex dynamics of hospitality.
Many are the project references that accredit Italamp worldwide.


Born in 1937 from a tiny artisanal workshop and after a long process of expansion and internationalization during the ’90s, Estel has become the Italian leader in the office furnishing, a leadership built without losing its origins, passion and attention to details put in each single product they make.
Estel’s furnishing has always been designed respecting four principles: quality, design, trend, and price.
Thanks to its technical know-how, innovative design, organization and logistics platform, Estel’s way of working embodies the values of Italian made production, calibrating any choice with the best attention for design, function and materials in order to guarantee aestethic and long lasting durability.
All its products are manufactured by following Eco-Sustainability criteria – both for materials and production process – because it aims to the highest level of efficacy and efficiency, respecting the environment.
Estel offers a wide range of serial products and a great flexibility on custom solutions to satisfy different any kind of request. This is why teamworking, constant dialogue with the client, customer care and ability to hit the target are all key elements of Estel’s DNA.


Metodo is a new company founded by Paolo Palma and Alessio Romandini in 2014 in Treviso, Italy.
Dating back to the classic period, the company’s name means ‘research’. Indeed Metodo tries to research and develop tools and the most suitable way to promote products, content, services, events through a constant interaction with the client.
Metodo is focused on art direction, brand identity, publishing, exhibition design and web design, searching for unique and original ideas and involving a wide network of contacts built through experience and long-lasting relationships.
This method is also shared through views exchange moments and through the setting up of experimental projects with the purpose of creating communication design culture awareness.

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