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LEAP Forward – Innovate Faster on April 22nd at 12pm  

14/04/2021 | Eventi | 

Fonte: ufficio stampa Camera di Commercio Italo-Americana

Join us on April 22nd at 12pm for the first installment of our three part LEAP Forward webinar series - Innovate Faster.

Innovation in the digital realm has been a leading driver of European and American economies while transatlantic technology investment is giving rise to not only start-ups, but to global market leaders.  
In this panel, we will identify how successful transatlantic ventures are achieving success and hear from experts on opportunities for additional cross-border investment. Session-Specific speakers to be announced soon!

**Please note this event is complimentary for IACC Members. Be sure to add discount code to bypass payment!

To register click HERE

Formerly known as the The European bi-national Chambers of Commerce, the member chambers are excited to unveil a new brand and energy for spring 2021: LEAP Atlantic. For decades, bi-national member chambers have worked together to produce world-class events in New York City, including the annual Central Park Boathouse European Spring Networking Event, various European Start-up Pitch Nights and other multi-Chamber events. These gatherings are known for their high-quality audience, content and atmosphere.  The 2021 European-American Business Trends Series will be no exception! 

Participating Chambers include the French-American Chamber of Commerce, the German-American Chamber of Commerce, BelCham, Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Italy-American Chamber of Commerce. Collectively, the 20 participating Bi-National European Chambers of Commerce – LEAP ATLANTIC -  reach over 4,000 member companies and tens of thousands of European and American business leaders across the New York area, as well as around the world.

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