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2016 – 2018 New corporate identity and website of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce

17/05/2018 | Economy |  Two years after the consolidation of Treviso – Belluno, a new brand that brings together both Provinces and the Chamber system

Source: Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce Press Office


Belluno, 16 May 2018 – Two years after the consolidation, two years since the birth of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, today 16 May 2018 the new corporate identity of the Chamber of Commerce kicks in.

It is a real and genuine start. The Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce shows up with the new logo that is following, among the first Chambers in Italy, the new corporate identity of the national Chambers system.

A rose window logo set up of several C that are looking at each other and outside, to indicate the collaboration between the Chambers towards the enterprises system.

Nevertheless, we did not stop there – says President Pozza we wanted to communicate to everybody that the Chambers system is first a system that is working in a coordinated way, in the actions and choices, and is cooperating with everybody, Trade Associations and Governments of both Provinces. Board and Council of the Chamber intended to give “value” to the new logo by adding the word Dolomiti, highlighting the excellences of the territories that the Chamber of Commerce wants to serve and the effective integration between the two Provinces.

In the “promotional “logo is dominating – announces the President – the payoff Beauty and Enterprise, as synthesis of a nice place full of culture, traditions and values that loves making good business with products and services that are part of the best known, recognized and appreciated excellences worldwide. Beauty and Enterprise is an amazing synthesis that this part of Veneto Region is able to tell about, and many people are wishing to keep on appreciating it. The increasing data about tourism just go to corroborate the trend.

The operational components and the Chamber initiatives have been also involved in the new communication through a new image to communicate.

It takes off the new logo of Curiamercatorum Mediation and Arbitration Center (Settlement of the disputes) that supports the use of alternative instruments for the settlement of disputes that each entity can engage before contacting an ordinary judge or as alternative to this.

The same for the new logo of t2i trasferimento tecnologico e innovazione, Chamber subsidiary company for innovation.
What is new is that from today the territorial web marketing initiative is leaving the old logo for a graphic integration in the new Chamber logo, in order to visually reinforce the belonging to the system and communicate it directly to the users though a common, clear and transparent image.

The new website is what I have always looking for as entrepreneur and now as administrator – says President Pozza - . I strongly wanted the structuring of a useful communication targeted to the user everywhere and in any way of connection, both at the workplace and mobile.
My strong belief is that the entrepreneur should be always supported in easily finding information that are relevant opportunities for competitiveness, for taking focused entrepreneurial choices that are aware of the environment around the company.
Thanks to the administrative and social-economic information that the Chamber makes available, I have the strong willingness – he points out – that our body always keeps the entrepreneur and the professional at the center of its operate.
With the new competences given by the Government, today this role is much more strength and requires new innovative instruments, according to the Agid guidelines.

The new website of Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce has brand new graphic, colour and architecture. The website is user friendly, facilitating the browsing by putting in evidence the most important news and the latest information about administrative, information and dissemination activities.
The prices of the commodity exchange are also highlighted, updated at the day of trading.

In the middle part, the Chamber strategic projects are clickable, leading the user to local dedicated websites where all information about the three initiatives managed by the whole associations’ territory and Chamber system are available.
Next up, there is the administrative area: “Services for you and your company”. Here are organized all information and contact details about:
Business register
Markets regulation
Promotional services
Statistic data and economic observatory

I want that the enterprises have an institutional window – says Pozza –: in the way that companies free registering on “tbdotcom: the enterprises of Treviso and Belluno on the Net” will introduce and make themselves known also in the institutional website in the area: “Tell about your company: we promote it in Italy and in the world”.
It is essential for the role itself of the entity to sustain enterprises in their promotion, in order to support new business opportunities.
Space to the information provided by the Chamber social networks, for in direct line communication during events, meetings, Chamber Council sessions, in order to create transparency and then trust between public Administration and citizen.

Information for press
Silvia Trevisan
Communication Manager
Trevisobellunosystem – Presidency Staff
Tel.: 0422-595366 Mob.: 391-3236809

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