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Legality: companies like credit ratings, in half a year more than 80% of companies with the “morality stars”. A document of Unioncamere demonstrates it.

11/03/2019 | Economy |  Veneto companies on the podium of the legality credit rating. Completeness and transparency of the information that are present in the data banks managed by the Chambers of Commerce

Venice, 9th March 2019. It adds up to 2,5 million Euros and only in a year have been invested 1,2 million euros to defend legality in Veneto. This is in numbers the commitment of the Chamber System in Veneto joint with that of Veneto Region in these last ten years.
It is very clear why the situation is monitored: mafia in Veneto adapts with surprising speed to all changings of tastes, consumers’ habits and of the market, it is made of liquid cooperation, not structural alliances, of utilitarian operative agreements that change with an undisputed continuity.
Of course victims are companies, but only some companies because lots of them like staying in the legality and like legality rating of the chamber system. In fact 6.210 companies can be the proud holder of the legality stars, 80% more compared to the survey held in the end of April 2017.
In the cameral record the legality rating is by AGCM released to the companies that made a request – and that stood up the examination of the Authority –. A widespread growth, confirmed by the fact that, in 9 regions over 20, certified companies are more than doubled in the considered period and the ,,less’’ dynamic region, Basilicata, has grown of 42%!
At the beginning of October 2018 the majority of the companies in possession of the legality “stars” are in the North (52,8%), compared to the 19% of the Center and to the 27,9% of the South (South and Islands). 58% are concentrated in five regions, in the first place Lombardy (14,9), followed by Emilia Romagna (13,1), Veneto (11,6), Lazio and Puglia (9,3).
More than 90% of the companies in possession of the legality rating is a PMI with a turnover identical or inferior to the 50 million Euros and less than 250 employees. Among these 2 companies over 3 (66,1%) are little companies with less than 50 employees and a turnover not higher than 10 million euros. According to the business type, 38% of the companies exercises in the manufacturing sector and about 20% in the sector notoriously “noticeable” as that of the construction industry.
The biggest share is constituted by the Limited liability company (57,3%), followed by the joint-stock company (18,7).
We defend the entrepreneurial system that makes a good business and is active and innovative online with the other public administrations – claims the President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza -. We give awareness with the development on the legality from the schools, with announcements and contests that involve hundreds of boys. We certify good companies that make a good economy with social assessments, products certifications and agricultural productions, with the control of the produced and certified goods, with the trademarks, patents for the industrial property, with the assignment of the legality rating that is stressed in the Business register
Legality rating, introduced in 2012, promotes the introduction of principles of ethical behaviour in business area, with a recognition assignment - measured in "stars" — indicative of the respect of the legality from companies that made a request and, more in general, of the attention level placed in the correct management of its own business.
The recognition is released on voluntary basis to the companies that have a minimum turnover of two millions euro in the last business and that have been enlisted in the Business Register for at least two years.
You go from a “star” to maximum 3 “stars”, given by the Authority on the basis of the companies’ declarations, verified thanks to crosschecks with data in possession of the public administrations.
Legality rating cannot be revoked forever in case of loss of one of the base requirements, anyway for good companies has a validity only for two years, after which it is renewable on request.
Concerning the assigned rating by AGCM, in accordance with the law, you have to take account of  in sede di concessione di finanziamenti from the Public Administrations, as well in the access site to the bank credit.
The Business Register has acquired the information about the legality rating in order to go on with the process of continuous improvement of quality, completeness and transparency of the information presents in the data banks managed by the Chambers of Commerce, pursued through the integration of information about companies managed by other Public Administrations.
It is only one of the activities that the cameral system put in place, intended to defend the competitiveness of the economical system and to be a valid partner for the companies that want to make a good business.

Translation of Alvise Della Zassa 

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