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Speech of the President of the Chamber of Commerce MarioPozza

10/04/2019 | Economy |  The role of the Chambers of Commerce in the industrial property tutelage system

Speech of the President of the Chamber of Commerce MarioPozza
The role of the Chambers of Commerce in the industrial property tutelage system

Good afternoon to everyone and welcome.

A greet and a particular thank to the Ministry of Economic Development, to Wipo and to our consortium enterprise t2i.
I am pleased to host this important international meeting, here today in the house of the enterprises, just because the chamber’s system, in the law and in its mission, has a fundamental role in the system of industrial property tutelage.
The protection of industrial property is an essential tool to defend the projects of companies which bet on creativity and innovation. Whoever creates a patent, whoever makes a new model or a new sign to differentiate their products and services, has the right to dispose of them exclusively and to prohibit their use by others.
In general the advantages that derive from having an intangible asset, such as the patent, the trademark or the design - model, to be valued and protected, are manifold and consist in the exclusivity of one's product and in the possibility of safeguarding it from counterfeiters, in contributing to the success of the company (thanks to new ideas and technological innovations);
- in ensuring higher turnover and incomes, as well as profits on investments;
- in guaranteeing additional profits derived from the concession of trade licenses or from the assignment of the patent, and, for the trademarks, also from exclusive sales agreement, merchandising contracts, etc.;

- in making the company competitive, by attracting customers with its own brand, as it generally happens  in the fashion market, or in terms of appearance and design;
- in favoring the company over others, due to the greater ease of access to public funds (national and EU) and bank loans;
- in creating opportunities for collaboration that allow mutual growth (eg: access to technology through cross-licenses);
- in the feasibility of co-branding, ie alliances between two or more brands, in order to enhance multiple products simultaneously (including the territory);
- the possibility of developing new markets in third countries
- in the possibility of attracting risk capital and being more attractive for mergers or acquisitions.
With industrial property, the aim is therefore to defend the heritage of intangible assets (technical solutions, distinctive signs and intellectual creations) that a company can have and that constitutes a decisive asset to cultivate and protect, as the value of companies, today , is mainly represented by intangible assets such as the brand, patents, design.
Rights of industrial property are obtained with the patenting, the registration or in other planned ways from the Code of the industrial property that regulates the whole subject.
The competences about the protection of the industrial property are claimed to the Ministry of the Economic Development that exercises them through the Italian Office for patents and brands (IOPB) (In italian ,,Ufficio Italiano per i Brevetti e i Marchi’’) and the network of the Chambers of Commerce. IOPB, in particular, deals with the administrative business of patenting and registration and granting of rights of industrial property obtainable through patenting and registration.
The chamber network, instead, ensures the receipt of the requests of industrial property and provides with a series of information/assistance services to the companies.
In this context, the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno, through the Office of Patents and Brands receives applications related to: patents for industrial invention, usefulness patterns, ornamental patterns and drawings, registration questions about national and international trademarks, applications of renewal brands, text translations and claims of the european patent.
In addition, the Office receives settings down, notings down, appeals, various applications (constituted by documents that contain modifications to the original questions) and, again:
1) provides with the necessary information and assistance to the correct completion of the requested formalities in order to submit the applications and the eventual modifications;
2) guarantees (also in telematics) the preliminary examination of the documentation that has to be submitted at the door;
3) secures the timely production of the received documentation;
4) updates on the new measures and takes care of divulging the ministerial circulars;
5) issues the certificates of the industrial property titles granted by U.I.B.M. (in English ,,Italian Office for patents and brands (IOPB)’’), related to the preceding applications to the month of May 2015;
6) organises training meetings to the enterprises about the industrial property and counterfeiting, as happened last year, as a start given by the Ministry.
Door’s users consists of enterprises, professionals and private. It’s about characters that  use the warehouse of private security only occasionally, that don’t have the digital signature and normally prefer face-to-face contact. Those who protect in a systematic way the industrial property, use instead the provided system for the telematic sending of the applications.
The assistance is provided with different procedures: personally in the office hours; through email and thanks to the telephone. The more frequent support requests by users concern the form completion for national applications, previous researches and the procedures of international warehouses.
All these “secondary” accessories are free provided, with the aim of facilitate the access to the industrial property system across a bigger knowledge of its legal protection, in support of the innovation and the competitive capacity of local companies on the internal and international market.
Enterprises that need to defend their planning, that aim at creativity and innovation, which thanks to the industrial property want to protect from forgers, to be distinguished and in order to value on the national and international market, can  count therefore on the qualified support of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno that, through services in the field of the industrial property protection, seeks to pursue the strategic aim represented by “Competitivity and sustainability of the territory and of enterprises community” across the growth of the “Competitivity in the territory” and the “Business and Products qualification”.

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