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#Prosecco#hills #Conegliano#Valdobbiadene#Unesco#Worlheritage. A big day for #Italy

08/07/2019 | Economy |  #普罗赛克 #葡萄酒产地 #康涅里亚诺 #瓦多比亚登山丘 #教科文组织世界遗产

07 July 2019
Statement by President Pozza, head of Unioncamere Veneto and Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno, Dolomiti, Mario Pozza: I really appreciate that the team work and excellence of our territory has been awarded. Prosecco’s hills have been added to Unesco World Heritage list. A big day for Italy.


     #普罗赛克 #葡萄酒产地   #康涅里亚诺   #瓦多比亚登山丘   #教科文组织世界遗产 
Mario Pozza特雷维索贝卢诺商会主席的声明,今天著名普罗赛克(Prosecco)葡萄酒产地,正式被联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)列入世界遗产名录。这正是个美好的一天。

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