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#2019WorldConvention - 28th Worldwide Convention of Italian Chambers Of Commerce Abroad, 2019. Treviso - Venice - Padua

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry  of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomiti,

in collaboration with Assocamerestero and Centro Estero Veneto, 

held from 26th to 29th October 2019  

entitled: "8th Worldwide Convention of Italian Chambers Of Commerce Abroad, 2019. Treviso - Venice - Padua" 

at historical center of Treviso arts town closed to Veniceat the presence of  President of the chamber of commerce of Treviso -Belluno|Dolomiti Mario Pozza 

The keynote speakers were Alessandro Benetton President o 21 Invest e Cortina 2021, and Prof. Corò, professor at Cà Foscari of Venice.
The event included a special gala in the evening in the hold Villa Veneta

The 28th edition of the Worldwide Convention of Italian Chambers Of Commerce Abroad took place in Veneto region, from 26th to 29th October 2019. The event, organized by the Program Agreement 2019 between Veneto Region and the Chambers of Commerce of Treviso -Belluno | Dolomites and Venezia Rovigo, has always been an important opportunity to strengthen the relationships among the Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad network, Institutions and Italian business realities.

The 78 Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad, located in 55 countries of the world, had the opportunity to meet the Italian stakeholders involved in promotion, to deal with internationalization strategies aimed at Italian small and medium enterprises.

Veneto is well suited to host this important event, being the third Italian exporting region with 63.3 billion exports in 2018 to over 200 countries and about 50% of industrial production destined for foreign countries. It is also the leading Italian region for tourist flows with 69.2 million presences in 2018, 16.5 million passengers pass through the airports (Venice-Treviso is the fourth Italian pole) and 1.6 million in the port of Venice.

The program of the Convention included a new organization among the three local chamber of commerce: the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice Rovigo and the Chamber of Commerce of  of Padua. Their synergy were aimed at increasing the promotion of meetings with companies in the respective territories and precisely, in Treviso on Monday 28th October, in Venice on Tuesday 29th October morning and in Padua on Tuesday 29th October afternoon.

As part of the work of the Convention, on the morning of Monday 28 October 2019, at Sala Borsa of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites, took place the inaugural Conference entitled Industrial collaborations as a new frontier of internationalization. The event represented an important moment of confrontation to deal with the topic of attracting foreign investments in Italy.

That's why participating to the event is a great idea:


  • With the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad's services available to the Italian entrepreneurial system
  • Thanks to the news and the information about new interesting markets
  • With business opportunities
  • Thanks to the network of specialists for business develop strategies


  • To increase promotion possibilities for tourism


  • Come to explore new events and opportunities offered by Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad for start-ups and innovative companies


  • To present your product and services
  • To get information to organize your promotion abroad

Welcome! Find out what you can do in "b2match":

  • Sign in to the convention of Monday 28th October 2019 morning in Treviso to discover business opportunities and macroeconomic scenarios for Italian export in the world 
  • Sign up to bilateral meetings with the spokesperson of Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad of Monday 28th October 2019 afternoon in Treviso
  • Sign up to the conference with bilateral meetings on tourism of Tuesday 29th October 2019 morning in Venice

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