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#trevisobellunotourism Antonio Canova one of the most important sculptors in the history of art

04/11/2019 | Economy |  Come to discover Canova’s unique and harmonious artistic style


Lying on Monte Grappa and Monte Tomba’s green slopes, Possagno is universally famous for being the birthplace of one of the greatest all-time sculptors, Antonio Canova

Considered the greatest neoclassical sculptor of the late 18th century and nicknamed for this Il Nuovo Fidia, the artist had a successful career and worked for the most eminent personalities of his time. 

Despite his international fame, Antonio Canova was unlucky in love. The first love story with Laura ended because of Canova’s personal ambition. 

In Rome he fell in love with Domenica Volpato, but the engagement was broken off by Canova when he discovered she was in love with another man. 

Thus he completely devoted himself to sculpture, his source of consolation.


The remains and the right hand (preserved for 250 years at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice) of the artist are enshrined in the Tempio Canoviano in Possagno while his heart is preserved at the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice.


If you ever travel to Treviso don’t forget to visit the Canova Tempio, the Gipsoteca  where you can find the artist’s neoclassical masterpieces such as The Three Graces , Dedalus and Icarus, Paolina Bonaparte and many other works by Canova.

Edited by Eleonora Zorzi

Translated by Beatriz Bonardi

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