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#trevisobellunotourism Palazzo Minucci De Carlo, the historic residence of the Flying spy

14/11/2019 | Economy |  Come to discover the unique heritage of furnitures arranged by Camillo de Carlo

Located in Serravalle, a few kilometers from Vittorio Veneto, Palazzo Minucci de Carlo is a stunning renaissance residence commissioned by the diplomat Minuccio Minucci in 1590. 

Among these walls lived Giacomo Camillo de Carlo, one of the most famous Italian spies of the First World War, pilot, highly decorated officer who collected many artworks and precious objects that became part of the rich furnishings of the Palace. As the renowned Vittoriale of Gabriele D’Annunzio, the art collection includes a unique heritage of exotic objects, works of art and tapestries.

The artworks by Antonio Lazzarini, the rich collection of Chinese jades and Ambers and the sculptures by Andrea Brustolon contained in the interior of the palace create a unique and charming atmosphere. 

The foundation Minucci de Carlo plays an important role in preserving the original disposition of furnishing and precious details. After the death of Camillo de Carlo, the palace was turned into a museum for public enjoyment. 

The museum opens every weekend, it welcomes pre-booked adult groups or schools on Thursday and Friday.

Edited by Eleonora Zorzi

Translated by Beatriz Bonardi

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