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Italian-american tribute to Kobe Bryant by the Treviso – Belluno Chamber of Commerce and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles

30/01/2020 | Spotlight |  Treviso remembers the great champion


Treviso, Jenuary 29, 2020 – Treviso city has in heart NBA basketball and wants to commemorate the great champion who spoke Italian – says Mario Pozza, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti -. We hosted him as a great NBA legend in our Chamber of Commerce during the NBA Overtime exhibition.

I phoned to Nicola Serragiotto, the President of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, who is born in Treviso and wanted to express the pain that Los Angeles feels and how people remember the sportsman. We commemorate together the champion and our thought goes to his family and to the other people who lost their life in this tragic accident.

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles – comments the President Nicola Serragiottohas experienced the Kobe Bryant’s death with particular sadness, not only beacause he lived in Italy in childhood but also because he will remain a legend in Los Angeles.

A partner of the IACCW, the Veronese Zeno Pisani, manager of many stars in Hollywood, remembers him as a humble and helpful friend.

Kobe wasn’t only a sport and cinema star for Zeno: he was also an important figure for the metropolitan city where only the winners care.

If the whole world cries the loss of the champion, Los Angeles cries the loss of one of us, ‘Angeleno’ by definition. Kobe will remain a great example, a family man, a loyal sportsman and an entrepreneur.

Kobe was used to go to mass at 7 o’clock in the morning, did everything to spend time with his family without forgetting to be an entrepreneur: this way to live is similar to the large and small Veneto entrepreneurs - Nicola Serragiotto recalls -. He was generous in life and unfortunately other 7 guests died in his helicopter.

Our prayers go to all of them and their families

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