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Pozza: we are there and we work with you to make sure everything goes well

18/03/2020 | Economy |  We do not stop and our commitment is to guarantee liquidity to meet the needs of the business world

Treviso, 17 March 2020. Coronavirus is slowing down economies around the world by creating a new rhythm to which we must adapt, but also that stimulates us even more to change our model of doing business - declares the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza -.

I am part of the national Unioncamere task force, with my colleagues from other Italian chambers of commerce. We dialogue with the government and the ministries of competence to get your voice across.

You heard the government made 25 billion available with the March decree "Cura Italia".
10 billion per job: support for employment to protect employment and income
3.5 billion for health and civil protection and other public operators
3 billion for self-employment
85 million for school teaching

I also remember that the MEF has postponed the tax deadlines and among the 10 billion dedicated to support employment for the defense of employment and income, there is also the lay-off for companies with only one employee. Everything has been reduced for the size of our small businesses because we have brought your voice, the voice of you entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who make our economy great.

If previously some digital modalities could also be postponed, now familiarity with the web, e-commerce, teleworking or smart working are essential to continue doing business - urges the President -.

Our chamber system, now more than ever, is stimulating the government and the relevant ministries to respond to the needs that the business world solicits through trade associations and direct testimonials that I collect every day.
Dear entrepreneurs, I want to thank you, for the advice you give us with your direct experience of living in all sectors of the economy, for the many calls that I receive, to know, to know and to share. We are creating a network, the social network that everyone envies us and that has always known how to cope with all crises and create great successes.

We will get out of all this and we will come out changed, but certainly improved - continues the President - certain economic dynamics have shown their fragility as the supply chain, the supply from distant countries, it has been seen that it has created fragility to our internal production system , so we can say that everything must be rethought. Together with the economic categories we are working on it.

As regards export practices, we have set up a regional task force with our organizations, the New Veneto Foreign Center, Promex and Unioncamere Veneto, to which you can report the export problems caused by coronavirus.

Call us, we will be able to respond with an organization that I must say is responding with absolute speed to the emergency.
Our chamber offices were immediately reorganized and 100 of 126 employees are working in smart working and all essential services are guarantors either online or with branches, after paying attention to access to the offices and to the appointment request, as you find described on the site.

I underline the fact, and I thank everyone, because the mobile numbers of the managers and managers have been put online to give you a prompt response to solve the problems concerning the practices followed by the Chamber of Commerce.


We are working in smart working, as an entrepreneur I am using work remotely so that my company's activities do not stop.

I am working to activate e-commerce channels so that the supply chain does not block business processes.

There are fast solutions and at the moment thanks to "Digital Solidarity" - indicates Pozza - there are platforms made available free of charge for the period of time imposed by legal restrictions.
Our PID points are at your disposal, do not forget to call them because it is now that the whole world is slowing down and there is time to change the way you do business.

Our communication channels and and their facebook and twitter channels are updated daily, the first with all the administrative information that the institution manages for you businesses and the second for all the information selected by the information centers of the provincial, regional and ministries institutions and of the European Union to give you accredited and fast information, for winning strategic choices updated with the measures in place in the world.

A recognized dedication to the world of the Venetian company is that every employee is like a member of our family. Precisely for this reason, pay even more attention to the measures to ensure the health of all: use the masks, keep the safety distances from one depends on the other, provide detergents for frequent hand cleaning, if you have a cold or cough stop the employee or stop to recover better and sooner.
We don't stop and everything will go on anyway, as we have always known how to do. Power!

Mario Pozza
President of the Treviso Chamber of Commerce - Belluno | Dolomites

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