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Pozza: The agenda of priorities to bring to the government to restart the economy

18/06/2020 | Economy |  Pozza: Veneto businesses have clear ideas on the agenda of priorities. We do not need government resources or a sterile welfare that does not protect productivity and competitiveness

Source: Press office Unioncamere Veneto

Mr. President of the Region,

first of all, let us thank you for how you and your staff conducted the first painful phase against this terrible virus.

Once the health emergency phase is over, today, it is necessary to act with the same decision and courage to overcome the profound economic and employment crisis caused by Covid-19.

Up to now italian government have not acted good enough.

Veneto region, which contributes so significantly to national GDP, needs urgently good choices as opposed to the one taken in the last period , indeed, they proved their unproductivity. 

We need an ambitious strategic plan, in order to overcome divergences, and direct all available energies for a new growing season, considering the extraordinary nature of the moment and production needs. 

In particular:

The credit: It is intended in government decrees, as an additional debt referred to entrepreneur, which have to charge for many years. As our entrepreneurs have always taken distance from this tipe of capitalism financed by government, this logic seems as a punishment. Elsewhere in Europe, this type of things are differently.

Infrastructure: Government since always has spent less in our region compared to the others, the penalties reserved for us on trains and infrastructure investments appear, and are really dangerous. High speed, and Morandi bridge method against bureaucracy are the priorities.

The wiring: It has been announced it will be moved for two more years, unlike what happens in other regions. It is incomprehensible and extremely damaging to everyone. Declarations about doing it are not enough for really going into modernity.

Bureaucracy. At this point, it is a dead weight for development.  Bureaucracy has now reached intolerable levels, and consequently makes it absolutely urgent to start a serious deregulation policy. 

Promotion and foreign policy. It occures strategies in order to help the strategic drivers of our region such as manufacturing and tourism to compete on international markets.

Resources. The criteria for distribution of resources must take credit of the contribution of Veneto region to the national economy and stop with the unfair distribution of resources in our country.

Mr President, we are aware that measures  taken will have an impact on ours future and we seriously worried about the delay in adopting clear guidelines along which to direct the recovery. However we are sure you will be able to adequately represent at government all the demands that come strongly from all the economic and social forces of ours ragion.

With estimates Franco Storer                                                   President of Casartigiani Veneto Gianmichele Passarini                                     President of CIA Veneto Alessandro Conte                                              President of  CNA Veneto Daniele Salvagno                                               President of  Coldiretti Veneto Lodovico Giustiniani                                         President of Confagricoltura Veneto Agostino Bonomo                                               President of Confartigianato Veneto Patrizio Bertin                                                    President of Confcommercio Veneto Cristina Giussani                                                President of Confesercenti Veneto Enrico Carraro                                                   President of Confindustria Veneto Marco Michielli                                                   President of Confturismo Veneto Mario Pozza                                                         President of Unioncamere del Veneto

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