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Education, Research and Innovation for Europe’s Digital Decade: Commission presents a Digital Education Action Plan, a European Education Area, and a new European Research Area

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Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service  

Today, the Commission adopted three new initiatives in education, research and innovation, to accelerate the twin green and digital transitions, support Europe’s recovery from the societal and economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, and strengthen its resilience against future crises.

With the aim of achieving a European Education Area by 2025, the Commission is proposing new initiatives, more investment and stronger cooperation between Member States. This enhanced cooperation can further enrich the quality, inclusiveness, green and digital dimension of Member State education systems. The 2021-2027 Digital Education Action Plan also proposes stronger cooperation between Member States for a high-performing digital education ecosystem, with enhanced competences and connectivity for the digital transformation.

With the new European Research Area that is based on excellence, openness and competiveness, the Commission is setting out strategic objectives and actions to be implemented in close cooperation with the Member States: prioritise investments and reforms in research and innovation, improve access to excellence for researchers across the EU and enable research results to reach the market and the real economy. In addition, the new European Research Area will further promote researchers’ mobility, skills and career development opportunities within the EU, gender equality, as well as better access to publicly funded peer-reviewed science.

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