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Webinar Innovation in the control of corn mycotoxins

07/12/2020 | Courses & Conferences |  Thursday, 10th December 2020 at 5:00pm

           On Thursday, 10th December 2020 at 5:00pm

We would welcome your participation in

"Innovation in the control of corn mycotoxins"

Organised by:

Gruppo Operativo MicotAP

To support maisculture in the application of agronomic techniques capable of preventing the onset of fungal infections and guaranteeing the protection of the agro-environmental objectives of the RDP, this project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of various agrotechnical operations in an integrated form: choice of more resistant hybrids, verification of the effectiveness of the administration of innovative corroborating products, digital management of the main agricultural techniques. These experimental and innovative agrotechnical activities will be promptly monitored and managed through an IT platform capable of integrating all the information necessary to support the management decisions related to the production of Corn, also in precision farming mode, as well as allowing all project partners to consult and draw on such advice and information in real time.

Greetings and Introduction:

President of Coldiretti Treviso

Veneto Region - Director of the Quality, Knowledge and Agri-food Innovation Operating Unit


Manuel BENINCÀ | Coldiretti Veneto
The Venetian cereal cultivation in the last 10 years

Morena UMANA | Impresa Verde Treviso-Belluno srl
Project activities in the 2020 season

Davide FERRIGO | Università di Padova - TESAF
Corn and mycotoxins: results of the first year of the project

Gianfranco GIANNERINI | Agronica Group srl
Digital agriculture for the prevention of mycotoxins

Filippo CODATO | Condifesa TVB
The agrometeo network at the service of the project

Barbara DE LOTTO | De Lotto La Cereal srl
Budget of the 2020 maid growing season and future prospects


Moderator: Dr. Antonio Maria CIRI

We would welcome your participation!

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