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4 meetings on viticulture in Treviso 2021

13/01/2021 | Events |  Coldiretti Treviso, the initiative aimed at thousands of companies to meet the leading experts in the field

Source: Coldiretti Treviso press office

The universe of viticulture in 4 in-depth meetings, wanted by Coldiretti Treviso to live from their companies to meet the leading experts in the field, from representatives of the Consortium for the protection of Prosecco doc to those of Avepa, from those of Condifesa to those of the Central Inspectorate for fraud repression.

In the first two meetings we will talk about sustainable viticulture, vineyard register and CMO wine - says Giorgio Polegato, president of Coldiretti Treviso - we will address the issues that are essential for our businesses. In the third online seminar we will address the issues of insurance and mutual funds against disasters and in the fourth and final meeting we will meet the ICQRF.

All meetings will be held on Thursdays at 5pm and to participate just click on the link that is also on the face book pages of Coldiretti Treviso as well as on the site in the news of the events.

Below are the specifics of each meeting with the guest speakers:

Thursday, January 14th on SUSTAINABLE VITICULTURE
"Production indications for the next campaign and market trend of Prosecco"

Edited by: 
Dr. Giovanni Pascarella - Extenda Vitis
Dr. Valerio Cescon - La Marca Spumanti
Dr. Stefano Zanette - Prosecco DOC Consortium 


Thursday, January 21st on THE VINEYARD AND THE WINE CMO 
"Anticipations and news for 2021"

Edited by: 
Dr. Pietro Salvadori - Avepa Treviso
Dr. Lucio Della Bianca - Avepa Treviso 


Thursday 28th January on INSURANCE AND
"An opportunity to be seized"

Edited by: 
Dr. Filippo Codato - Defense Consortium Treviso and Belluno 


Thursday 04th February MEETING WITH ICQRF
"Regulatory update of the wine sector and telematic services"

Edited by: 
Central Inspectorate for Fraud Repression Susegana 

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