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Industrial clusters in Treviso and Belluno province
An industrial cluster is a socio-economic entity which consists of a group of industries situated in a circumscribed area. Within any specific cluster, each company is specialized in a singular stage of the production process of the product involved. This mechanism evidently creates industrial chains in which the stages of production of a singular product are subdivided among different industries and not within a single one.

The industrial chains do then assure high flexibility and pliability to different requirements and market situations. The first studies on this issue date from A. Marshall; important contributions to the Italian reality have been granted by Becattini.

From the legal point of view, a definition for the Italian clusters was given by the Act n. 317 of October 5 1991 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy of October 9 1991, n. 237), pursuant to the Veneto Regional Council’s resolution n.79 of November 22 1999 (which determined Veneto clusters, including those of Treviso province which are described within this portal).

- Marshall A. - 1919 - Industry and Trade. A Study of Industrial Technique and Business Organization, Macmillan & Co, London
- Becattini G. - 1987 - Mercato e forze locali. Il distretto industriale, Il Mulino, Bologna.


Stainless steel
Location: Conegliano
Product: Household appliances 

Footwear - Sports footwear
Location: Montebelluna
Product: Boots - Inline skates – Sports footwear 

Location: Conegliano - Valdobbiadene
Product: Prosecco wine 

Textiles and clothing
Location: Treviso
Product: Spun yarns and clothes 

Location: Oderzo
Product: Furniture for houses and other uses 

Location: Segusino - Valdobbiadene
Product: Glasses and sunglasses 

Other clusters
Rubber and Plastic Materials
Hotel equipment
Fashion system
Green housing

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