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University Courses in the province of Treviso.

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University and Training (updated to 2020/2021)

In this section trevisobellunosystem provides users with references to university courses that take place in Treviso at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the University of Padua.

The aim is to give an overview of the educational offer and to facilitate the research.


Business School

Degree programs

Location / Access mode

Occupational opportunities

International Trade and Tourism, class L-33

Treviso / Ammission test

Two curricula:

  • Foreign Trade
  • Tourism Economics

Professional Employment: The three-year graduate in Foreign Trade can work as an expert in commercial relations with foreign countries; assistant director and head of foreign trade area; export manager; purchasing manager.
The three-year graduate in Tourism Economics will be able to be employed in the management of an organization operating in the tourism sector (both public and private); work as an assistant manager in tourism companies or OGD; responsible for relations with customers and suppliers and responsible for public relations of organizations operating in the tourism sector.
The degree course also provides knowledge suitable for the continuation of studies in the field of economics in the Master's and Master's degree courses of the University.


Department of Comparative Linguistic and Cultural Studies

Degree programs

Location / Access modeOccupational opportunities

Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, class L-12

Treviso / Ammission test

Graduates of the course will be able to carry out activities related to international relations (verbal and written), at an interpersonal and corporate level. They will be able to work as language consultants in public and private institutions, embassy personnel, airline and cruise line personnel, external relations officers in Italian companies operating abroad and multinationals, and hotel reception operators. In addition, they will be able to interpret negotiations during cultural and economic-legal meetings and draft and translate texts in and from the languages of study, as well as interlingual communication activities in the publishing and multimedia sector.

Department of Asian and Mediterranean African Studies

Degree programsLocation / Access modeOccupational opportunities

Interpreting and Translation for Publishing and for Special Purposes, class L-94

Treviso / Free wirh assessment of requirements

Master's graduates can find employment as professional interpreters, freelance and agency translators, civil servants and consultants in companies and international organizations, or find employment in the field of interlingual communication in the publishing and multimedia sector or in teaching and research in the linguistic-translation field.

School of Business, Languages and Entrepreneurship for International Trade

Degree programs Location / Access mode Occupational opportunities

Teaching and Research throughout the territory


Innovative teaching began its journey on the Treviso Campus in 2015 with The Urban Innovation Bootcamp, a high social impact entrepreneurship lab attended by young students and graduates, selected from different disciplinary fields and different Universities. The focus of the lab is the direct collaboration with companies, public and private institutions in the area, in order to increase the social, economic and cultural ecosystem of Treviso. The teaching activity is distinguished from other training courses for the transmission and use of innovative methods and tools, able to continuously intertwine theory and experimentation in a stimulating path of co-design.

Department of Agronomy Animal Food Natural Resources and Environment
Law School
Degree programs Location Presentation

New course pf Law Master's Degree  –  “Law 2.0” (cl. LMG/01)

Palazzo san Leonardo, Treviso

Duration:  5 years
:   LMG/01 - Law
Location: Palazzo san Leonardo, Treviso
Coordinator: prof. Patrizia Marzaro(patrizia.marzaro@unipd.it)

Reference Department:  Department of Public, International and Community Law (DiPIC) - Course of interdepartmental relevance

A new Master's Degree in Law has been created at the Treviso campus, oriented towards international trade, agri-food production, finance, contracts and business activities. The program offers internships in companies as an integral part of the course of study, interdisciplinary courses that provide students with an overview of the phenomena, summer and winter schools with a focus on delicate and changing aspects of the professions and economic and social scenarios, with protagonists of excellence, both Italian and foreign.

Degree programs Location / Access mode Occupational opportunities

Healtcare, class L/SNT4

Conegliano / Programmed

Qualifying for the health profession of health care assistant.

Physiotherapy, class L/SNT2

Conegliano / Programmed

The physiotherapist is employed in various facilities of the National Health Service, in private facilities, accredited and not, such as clinics and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, spas, wellness centers, poly-specialist clinics, professional offices, sports clubs.

Dental Hygiene, class L/SNT3

Treviso / Programmed

The graduate performs his/her professional activities in public or private health care facilities. He/she participates in public health system projects in the area of prevention and dental health education.

Nursing School, class L/SNT1

Treviso and Conegliano / Programmed

The qualification obtained qualifies the student to work as a nurse and allows the student to work in public or private social-health facilities and services, such as hospitals, research institutes, residences for the elderly or disabled, home care, emergency services and outpatient services as an employee or freelancer. The main functions of the graduate are disease prevention, care of the sick and disabled of all ages and therapeutic education, also carries out study and research, teaching and professional consulting.

Obstetrics, class L/SNT

Treviso and Conegliano / Programmed

Graduates carry out their professional activity in public or private healthcare facilities, in a dependent or freelance capacity; they contribute to the training of support staff and contribute directly to updating their professional profile and research.

Hearing Care Techniques, class L/SNT3

Treviso / Programmed

The graduate will work mainly in private hearing care facilities responsible in Italy for the provision of hearing aids. While working on the prescription of the doctor, will act independently and with total responsibility for the actions taken and will collaborate with other professionals involved in the prevention and rehabilitation of deafness.

Mediacal Radiology, Imaging and Radiation Therapy Techniques, class L/SNT3

Treviso / Programmed

Graduates in diagnostic radiological techniques are qualified to perform interventions that require the use of radiation sources, thermal and ultrasonic energies, nuclear magnetic resonance on medical prescription and in collaboration with the doctor. They perform their activities in public or private health facilities as employees or freelancers.

Occupational Therapy, class L/SNT2

Conegliano / Programmed

The graduate carries out activities aimed at prevention, care and functional rehabilitation of people with temporary or permanent disabilities, acting in teams with other social and health care figures; he/she finds employment in social and health care facilities, public or private, as an employee or as a freelancer; he/she can carry out study and research activities, take care of training and refresher courses.

Prevention Techniques in the Environments and Workplaces, class L/SNT4

Feltre / Programmed

The graduate works in the National Health Service in the field of prevention, control and supervision. He/she collaborates with the judicial administration for investigations of sanitary and environmental interest; he/she can carry out the functions of judicial police officer with inspection and supervision tasks; he/she carries out controls in order to ascertain the self-certified authorization suitability. Specifically, those who graduate can be employed at the Service of Prevention and Protection company as a manager or employee both in the public and private sectors. Finally, he/she can carry out consultancy activities as CTU of the Public Prosecutor's Office or as CTU or CTP in judicial disputes.

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