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President Pozza: Green road infrastructure, future of the mountains

25/01/2021 | Economy |  Speed? Not only that, but also we aim at sustainability for an Italy capable of respecting the programmatic lines of the European Commission

Source: Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti press office

Treviso, 22nd January 2020. Next Generation EU: did the Government forgot about the road network to reach our mountains and to enjoy, among the valleys, this wonderful temple of beauty? I hope there is some misunderstanding - underlines President Pozza-.

The Italian chamber system lives the breath of the provinces and regions, supporting entrepreneurs who are the guardians, especially in the mountains, of three factors: the protection of work against depopulation, the control of territorial safety, the care of the environment and wildlife.

The government with the Chamber system can re-evaluate the planning of public works especially in the most critical areas, looking at major events that should not hurt the mountain, but must revive it with green investments, encouraging the circulation in the daily movement, even when the weather, heavy snowfall, affect the quality of life of people who live the territories as inhabitants, as domestic and foreign tourists and as entrepreneurs.
So many times our police forces, our firemen, our volunteers have been put in difficulty by the same infrastructure, bridges that give way to the passage of a rescue vehicle unable to reach those who were in difficulty.
If we look at all this in a green vision, the point of view changes - Pozza emphasizes -. I conclude by repeating the complaint that I have always maintained: the valleys, and thus Italy, are closed because they don't have an outlet to the north, which could be the extension of the A27. A de facto nation, hostage to other states that decide when it should export. 

The Chamber system is there, along with the economic categories, and in this regard I join the cry of alarm launched on the issue of infrastructure, by the President of Confindustria Belluno, Lorraine Berton.

We can help the government to review the choices of infrastructures and give a future to the valleys that, without tourists and companie,s are destined to decline its naturally green and sustainable beauty.

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