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4 funded courses to invest in human capital and make small and medium-sized enterprises grow. Master Reloaded of Confartigianato Marca trevigiana Formazione

25/01/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  The courses, each lasting 32 hours, are dedicated to enhancing the skills of employees, in production realities that make payments to Fondartigianato

Source: Confartigianato Marca trevigiana Formazione press office

Human capital as a determining factor in exiting the Covid-19 crisis. Confartigianato Marca Trevigiana Formazione is offering 4 free training courses with the aim of helping small and medium-sized businesses in the Treviso area to grow.

The courses, each lasting 32 hours, are dedicated to enhancing the skills of employees in production companies that make payments to Fondartigianato.

They range from the English course Do you speak English?, which introduces knowledge of the language, a key prerequisite for facing the market in a competitive manner, to a course on the themes of innovation in business processes to make the principles and methodologies of the "lean organization" known and applicable even in small businesses.

Other topics concern the innovative enhancement of team work, which focuses on the examination of strategies for the promotion of an active and proactive participation of all employees in the creation of a stimulating, rewarding and collaborative climate.

Finally, web marketing strategies for effective promotion in the virtual marketplace. Social media are not a fad but the new paradigm of communication. The presence of a company on social media is now essential to reach a profiled audience interested in specific products and services.
Using social media in an "amateur" way can be detrimental to the perceived corporate image. The intervention will move from the editorial plan to the graphic design, up to the community management.
The lessons will take place in videoconference, with the possibility to replicate them in the company.

Info and registration on www.confartigianatoformazione.tv
or calling Confartigianato Formazione's number +39 0422433250
or sending an email to info@confartigianatoformazione.tv

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