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Holocaust Memorial Day: on Backstage platform, week of performances inspired by the stories and words of Liliana Segre, Primo Levi and the music of Three Jewish musicians in the storm of the racial laws

25/01/2021 | Events |  From January 24 to 29 the digital platform of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto offers a program of prose, readings and music in memory of the victims of the Shoah

Source: Teatro Stabile del Veneto press office

Jan 24>25 - Primo with Jacob Olesen
27>29 Jan - Until My Star Shines with Margherita Mannino
Jan 27 - Forgotten Notes. Three Jewish musicians in the storm of racial laws

Saturday, 23rd January 2021 - Even with theaters closed, the civil and social function of the theater does not stop. For the Holocaust Memorial Day, an event celebrated all over the world on 27th January every year to commemorate the victims of the Shoah, the Teatro Stabile del Veneto offers from January 24 to 29 a program of streaming performances available for free on the digital platform Backstage.

Three titles and stories will be featured in the programme: Primo recital from Primo Levi's Se questo è un uomo (If This is a Man) with Jacob Olesen, Finché la mia stella brillerà (Until My Star Shines) monologue adapted from the book of the same name by Liliana Segre and Daniela Palumbo and interpreted by Margherita Mannino directed by Lorenzo Maragoni and Note Scordate. Tre musicisti ebrei nella tempesta delle leggi razziali (Forgotten Notes. Three Jewish musicians in the storm of racial laws) a piano and violin concert to discover the music and the life of Guido Alberto Fano, Alberto Gentili and Vittorio Rieti.

To open the program of the Teatro Stabile del Veneto dedicated to the Holocaust Memorial Day the show Primo, live from the Teatro Comunale Quirino de Giorgio in Vigonza on January 24 (6:00 p.m.) and repeated on January 25 (10:00 a.m.), directed by Giovanni Calò and interpreted by Jacob Olesen, with music by Massimo Fedeli and images taken from the works of Eva Fischer.
The literary recital, proposed by the Municipal Administration of Vigonza and the Echidna Association and hosted by the Stabile del Veneto on the Backstage platform, gives voice to the testimony of Primo Levi in order not to forget.
Starting from the theatrical strength of the dialogues and from Levi's description of the men, with this show Calò wanted to tell the new generations in the most immediate and amplified way the experience of the author and of his disappeared companions. This is a renewal of the successful collaboration between the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and the Municipal Administration of Vigonza and the Teatro Quirino De Giorgio, already established on the occasion of productions of the Stabile del Veneto such as Una banca popolare by Romolo Bugaro and Savana Padana directed by Stefano Scandaletti from the novel by Matteo Righetto.

On 27th January the programme dedicated to the Holocaust Memorial Day continues in collaboration with the Regione Veneto from 5:00pm with Note Scordate. Tre musicisti ebrei nella tempesta delle leggi razziali, a concert dedicated to the musicians Guido Alberto Fano, Alberto Gentili and Vittorio Rieti, all three of Venetian origin, who driven by a great love for music will cross cities and nations to save their lives and their art. On the stage of the Teatro Verdi in Padua, their music will be performed by the Duo Elimo, Giovanni Cardillo on violin and Francesco Buffa on piano. To accompany the listening will be Edda Fogarollo, author of the book of the same name published by Sillabe, who will lead the audience through three personal stories and life stories.

From January 27 (from 19.00) to January 29, the show Fino a quando la mia stella brillerà, written by Daniela Palumbo, co-author of the book of the same name by Liliana Segre published by Mondadori, will be on stage.
Deported to Auschwitz at the age of thirteen and freed after a year and a half of captivity, the Senator of the Republic and witness of the Shoah, Liliana Segre is told by Margherita Mannino through a monologue designed specifically to be accessible to a young audience, from eleven years up.
The show directed by Lorenzo Maragoni uses - like the novel - a language, images and descriptions of thoughts and feelings filtered through the eyes of Liliana as a young girl: how can the horror of the Shoah be told to young people? But also: how can it be that boys and girls of that age have lived that horror? The two questions are intertwined in the body of the actress, partly narrator and commentator of the life story of Liliana, partly, at times, discreet guest of her person, to activate in a double form (from the witness to the actress, from the actress to the audience) the most powerful device of the theater: the the mechanism of identification.

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