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40th edition of the Literary Prize Giovanni Comisso Regione del Veneto - City of Treviso: the selections of the finalist works will be held within 12th June, the final on 2nd October

08/02/2021 | Events |  The selection prize is 1,500 euros for each selected book and the final prize is 2,500 euros for each section

Source: Amici di Comisso Association press office

The Giovanni Comisso Literary Prize is now in its 40th edition, confirming its position as one of the most important Italian cultural awards. The 2020 edition, despite the pandemic, reached a record number of works sent for selection by all the main publishing houses, in the two sections of Italian fiction and biography.

On the occasion of the Assembly of the Amici di Comisso Association, which promotes the Prize, the announcement and regulations of this 40th edition were presented.
The announcement was then sent to publishing houses throughout Italy and is available on the Prize's website (www.premiocomisso.it) where it is highlighted.

The competition is open to works of Italian fiction and biography (including works by foreign authors, provided they have been translated and published in Italy) published between April 2020 and March 2021, which must reach the members of the Technical Jury by 18th April.
The selection of the finalists will take place by 12th June. On 2nd October the final ceremony in Treviso, with the vote of the 70 members of the Grand Jury and the announcement of the winners of the 2021 edition in the two sections.

Also this year there will be the Premio Comisso Under 35 - Rotary Club Treviso, promoted by the Rotary Club Treviso together with the Amici di Comisso Association and reserved for writers under 35 years of age. The proclamation will take place at the meeting of the selection of the finalist trios, by a jury composed of representatives of the Rotay Club and members of the Technical Jury of the Comisso Prize. Confirmed also the #Comisso15righe, dedicated to the micro reviews of the readers to the works in competition published on the Facebook profile of the Prize.

As of this year, the President of the Technical Jury is the writer and journalist Pierluigi Panza. The other members are Cristina Battocletti, Benedetta Centovalli, Rolando Damiani, Giancarlo Marinelli, Sergio Perosa, Stefano Salis and Filippo Tuena.

The selection prize is 1,500 euros for each book selected, while the final prize is 2,500 for each section.

The Prize has been promoted since 1979 by the Amici di Comisso Association, chaired by Ennio Bianco and with Neva Agnoletti as honorary president, and is supported by the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Treviso, the Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce, Assindustria Venetocentro and numerous companies in the area.

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