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The District of commerce Terre d'Acqua of Silea (TV) obtains the regional recognition

16/02/2021 | Events |  One year after the signing of the first protocol, Silea has obtained from the Region the recognition of Distretto Terre d'Acqua. Now we have the tool ready to face the restart.

Source: press office Ascom Confcommercio

Tuesday, 16th February 2021 - Exactly one year after the signing of the first protocol that launched the plan of commercial development (the PVC), now Silea (TV) sees the recognition of the District of trade called Terre d'Acqua, the result of a job that lasted almost three years that has seen a strong public-private alliance.

With the recent resolution, the Veneto Region inserts, for the province of Treviso, 3 new districts of Commerce: Silea, Pederobba and Zero Branco, thus constituting a network of 82 districts in the Region.

The District of Commerce is a public-private network formed by the municipality, trade associations, commercial companies, artisans, farmers, professionals, the 'Association ICasa, the Park Authority for a strategic redesign of the area from which commercial and tourist opportunities may arise in a perspective of growth, development and highlighting of territorial vocations.

Satisfied with the result Rossella Cendron, Mayor of Silea: It's a choral result because we managed to team up among traders and economic operators of various sectors, sports and cultural associations. We have all understood that now, more than ever, we need strategic planning to rethink the quality of life of the area, our citizens and our businesses.

Ascom-Confcommercio, with its Delegation - explains the Ascom trustee Francesco Calzavara - has immediately believed and wanted this partnership, which now sees the recognition of the Region, in the belief that for about 100 commercial enterprises located in the three fractions (S. Elena, Cendon, Lanzago) is a great opportunity for collaboration and interaction with the possibilities of tourism. We can face the restart with a container, such as the District, which will allow us to access funds and new opportunities.

The name itself - explains Rosario Cardillo, manager of the District that has accompanied Ascom in this path - is marked by the river resource. For Silea this recognition is certainly a success, the specific identity of this small town at the center of major roads was not taken for granted, but we have worked by identifying from the beginning the identity elements very strong: landscapes, towpaths, river paths. Important is the adhesion to the district of the Ente Parco del fiume Sile, which has bravely joined the District recognizing the need to study new local promotions in the wake of sustainability and minor and alternative tourism.

In the area - concludes Federico Capraro, Ascom president - the districts, if well managed, have given great results. Just think of the success of Mosaic in Montebelluna, one of the longest-lived, which for over 15 years has revitalized the urban fabric, making the center attractive. The Veneto Region has done well to strengthen the districts in the province, and new projects are waiting for us.

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