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International Speciality Food Summit Coming Soon!

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 Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

The IACC is pleased to announce that its 3rd annual International Specialty Food Summit (ISFS) will take place over the course of five weeks during the month of March. Organized in collaboration with the Academy of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, the ISFS is an exclusive forum for food industry executives to explore emerging and future trends, merchandising techniques, innovation, and customer engagement in international specialty food retail through the expertise of an incredibly diverse slate of international food experts.

During this five-part webinar series, prominent industry experts will delve into trends, issues and opportunities in the international specialty food industry including supply chain challenges, e-commerce growth, and consumer buying habits in a post-COVID world. The event's audience is comprised of buyers and grocery executives from major U.S. retail chains such as Kings, Pathmark, ACME, Key Food, Wawa, Weis and Giant as well as C-level executives from major CPG companies such as General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Bayer, and Kellogg to name a few.

Single Session - $60 per person
5-Webinar Series + Bonus Master Class - $150 per person
 Week 1—March 3 

Impact of the Pandemic on International and Specialty Foods 

 Week 2—March 10 

Insights from the Inside: How the Foodservice Industry is Adapting 

Week 3—March 17 

Winning the New 'Semi-Normal' 

Week 4—March 24 

What's Next? Trends Impacting International and Specialty Foods 

Week 5—March 31 

BONUS Virtual Master Class

Enjoy an "aperitivo italiano" as our experts explore PDO/PGI specialty food products from Italy and share simple recipes you can make at home. Participants will be able to taste along as they sample a curated collection of PDO/PGI products delivered directly to their door in advance of the event! ($75 value)

About Saint Joseph's University

Saint Joseph’s University Academy of Food Marketing was established over 55 years ago to raise awareness for the enormous career possibilities in the food industry and to support the Department of Food Marketing. SJU is one of only a few schools in the United States with an undergraduate Food Marketing major, and the only school to offer a Food Marketing MBA. In addition to educating undergraduate and graduate students, SJU's faculty has performed research, supported government initiatives, and been key thought leaders on issues affecting food marketing. 


For questions or sponsorship opportunities, please contact the offices of the IACC
at (212) 459-0044.


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