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Meeting between Pozza and Conte

05/03/2021 | Economy |  The President and the Mayor of Treviso: Let's work in synergy also to give a clear message to Rome

Treviso, Friday 29th January 2021

Airport, redevelopment of the Chamber's headquarters, superbonus and tourism were the topics discussed by President Pozza and Mayor Conte. Objective: to take stock of the situation on the projects in place between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Treviso.

President Pozza took the opportunity to introduce the Mayor of Treviso as well as President of Anci provincial and Veneto and National Vice President of Italian municipalities to the new Board of Auditors installed today, in the persons of Dr. La Manna, Dr. Gasparetto and the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development Dr. Dedeoni.

I thank President Pozza for this invitation - greeted Conte - I wish everyone a good job because it is such a complicated period especially for the Chambers of Commerce that, beyond the health emergency, must also deal with the emergency of the economic fabric. We must, therefore, work as a team. I always recall the principle of rugby, which is in the DNA of the people of Treviso: to reach the goal we must all push on the same side, today more than ever, so synergy, beyond the exploitation of the newspapers, the union of intent and the sharing of objectives has always been and always will be there - said Conte -. We work as a team because our communities need virtuous examples that are decidedly different from those we are seeing from the government.

I share the concept of synergy, taking as an example the regional and provincial technical table for the superbonus where the collaboration of all - underlined Pozza - can ensure that Italy does not miss this excellent opportunity. One of the most critical issues is the retrieval of documents and with smart working, for a large municipality such as Treviso, the two things are not reconcilable in the time required by the decree.

In this regard - raised Conte - one of the proposals that I put forward is that it is sufficient the cadastral declaration avoiding the municipalities to do research of documents.

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